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Alexis, Perez, Giroud, Iwobi, Walcott and Chamberlain – Which 3 from 6 v Saints?

Hello everyone. Club football is back again and thank Christ for that. It feels like every Interlull is worse than the previous. I’m sure that’s my memory playing tricks on me, there’s no obvious reason why the breaks could be getting increasingly frustrating, but there you go. Anyway, we have a delicious Saturday of footy […]

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This Summer have we witnessed the start of a redefining of Arsenal’s DNA?

Greetings fellow Gooners! I hope that your respective summers helped you rejuvenate yourselves and recover from the madness that was last season. Since the last time I posted here, we leapfrogged the scum to finish as runners up in what can be described best as a close second to the comic Lasagna-gate. It was certainly […]

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Alexis a striker interlinking with his supporting cast and a certain youngster may be ‘Holding’ off Mustafi

Well, that was much more like it. An impeccable first half to put Arsenal 3 up and then a less convincing second, but more than enough to claim the three points in the end. Watford away was never going to be a walk in the park, Chelsea nearly lost for a reason, so I’m really […]

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We still do make Superstars in N5 – Laurent Koscielny is Arsenal’s New Leader

Since 2010 there have possibly been more lows than highs in N5 with of course the 2014 and 2015 FA Cup wins the 2 highlights.  We have seen heroes leave and new heroes arrive and we have broken the club transfer record from pre 2010 now about 5 times. Most of our supporters seem to […]

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Lucas Perez and Shkodran Mustafi – What does it mean and where might they fit?

Well perhaps some of the anxiety felt by all honest Arsenal supporters has lessened in the past 24 hours with the imminent signings of Mustafi and Perez. Were they the 2 names on all our lips in June? Probably not but given our start to the season and the defensive injury crisis suffered since then […]

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Leicester 0-0 Arsenal

Not the worst point on the road but Alexis incapable of bearing the load! – LCFC v AFC Match Review

As the game wore on I started to get desperate. The reason for my desperation stemmed from the fact I couldn’t see how Arsenal was going to win the game, but it was obvious how Leicester could. It is a familiar situation for Arsenal fans, albeit not the most frequent one. Arsenal didn’t pose much […]

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Wenger has to out think Raneiri

Out Foxed by Klopp perhaps so learn from mistakes Wenger to Out Fox the Foxes again!

It may be a new season but already, Arsene is making the same mistakes that he’s made in previous campaigns. His lack of activity in the transfer market and poor team selection is once again, deservedly the focus of criticism from both pundits and supporters. On reflection, our overall performance in the opening day defeat […]

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We may have LOST due to our defence but are we missing Alexis being LOST up top?

When Theo Walcott failed to convert the penalty kick I thought it was going to be one of those days. I don’t have the numbers to back it and I’m not sure this kind of data exists in a public source readily available, but I have this nagging feeling Arsenal rarely does well after scuffing […]

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Liverpool preview home

Any takers for the Coq Holding Roles versus Liverpool? – Surprise Selection Predicted

So, the new season is just around the corner. We start the 16/17 campaign in style, by facing Liverpool at home. This should ensure the players and the manager approach the game fully concentrated on the task ahead. No underestimating our opponents, Liverpool is one of the teams to beat this season. So in a […]

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Pre-season assessment

Pre-season assessement: are our younger players good enough to be old enough?

I have not written an article since the end of season because: . I was too depressed to feel the need to. I was mourning another wasted opportunity to have won the championship Other people had already said most of what I would have done The same old mantras from AKB and WOB factions were […]

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