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If Robbie Savage was on the Arsenal Board – This time next year we’ll be millionaires!!

Now Robbie Savage states that, “Arsenal’s board have a decision to make – do they want three more years like this (season) or do they want trophies?” and that; If he was on the board at Arsenal, he would grasp the nettle this summer and bring in a new manager. Robbie Savage: The well respected […]

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Exclusive unofficial interview with Arsene in a hotel bar – When Woody met Wenger!

WEDNESDAY, WOODY, WENGER AND WINE. I couldn’t believe my luck on Wednesday night. In a hotel, in the middle of nowhere, sat at the bar to watch the Madrid derby, and who comes in and takes the seat next to me…. None other than the boss, Arsene bloody Wenger, a slightly drunk Arsene Wenger, I […]

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