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Pending Bromance (Credit Dan Mullan, Getty Images)

Bromance Alert: Why Sead and Alexis Will Form a Dynamic On-Pitch Partnership

I’m generally a person who plays it safe. I’m the poster boy for the “risk-averse.” When it comes to football, I rely on what my eyes tell me and then use respected opinions and/or data analysis to reinforce what I see. This piece will go against those ideals. I am already comfortable stating, after only […]

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More Joy with 4231

Last Night again shows Wenger MUST use the 4231 and 3421 as Appropriate

So with last night begun a season (at least) of Thursday night football. With kick-off delayed an hour due to the issues with the Cologne supporters that descended on the capital, Arsenal laboured through a dreadful first half in which they played as if they were still waiting for the game to begin. A quick […]

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D-d-d-d-d-danny Welbeck shines bright as lifeless Cherries are swept aside

Well, that went a bit better, didn’t it? A convincing win at home, some breathtaking football and a clean sheet on top. Yummy. Of course we have to take a toothless Bournemouth into account. Eddie Howe’s side offered precious little and at one point the commentator said it was probably the worst he has seen […]

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Tales from ‘The Wenger’s Head’ – Strange Goings On at an Arsenal Pub

Welcome to what could become a regular Gunners Town Soap Opera if the readers enjoy the simple concept. It could be a weekly visit, probably post Thursday’s Press Conference to a popular Arsenal Pub. Yes it is your opportunity and to read about and contribute to the goings on in ‘The Wenger’s Head’. The Wenger’s […]

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Arsenal Deadline Day Transfer Update – What has and may yet happen?

So is it Alexis to City That a would be a pity But then again he has been shitty Ox can’t pass He has no class He had final say But he won’t play But Ozil’s still here Cry or Cheer? He wants to go but there is no taker For the lazy languid but […]

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Liverpool Preview: An Arsenal in Shambles Dreams of Anfield Redemption

It’s been a while since I wrote back home. Pardon such an abrupt disappearance from your radars, dear readers, but I’ve had an incredibly busy summer, much more than I could have imagined, or, indeed, would have liked. What I also couldn’t have imagined, and something I certainly don’t like, is that Arsenal had a […]

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Better tactics

Reasonable Arsenal Expectations for 17/18 – 60 Goals between Lacazette, Giroiud and Alexis?

17/18 season expectations The season has started. And thus far, it’s reasonably good. A pulsating 4-3 win vs. Leicester City was added to a “friendly trophy” win vs. Chelsea at Wembley. Last season was poor, bar the FA Cup of course, though the past is the past, and we should look to the future. So […]

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The edge

Why Wenger’s New Tactical Flexibility may give Bellerin the edge over Oxlade-Chamberlain

The opening game of Arsenal’s campaign ended with a positive result, just. I am not going to say I was not concerned at 3-2 down, although those who sit with me will confirm I predicted the final score-line at halftime. Whilst it is too early to draw too many conclusions after one match, there was […]

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Victory in the end

A Tinge of Frustration but a Touch of Hope – Will History remember Giroud as an Arsenal Great?

94 Seconds is what it took for the Arsenal to open their account for the new campaign, and it had to be our club record signing, Lacazette. It was well past midnight in my part of the world when he guided that ball in, and I had absolutely no thought or respect for the fact […]

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A Beast in CM with Granit

He is so Good that Sead ‘The Beast’ Kolasinac should Partner Xhaka in Midfield

Glorious Chaos; Enjoy the Arsenal ride. Well it was an interesting start to the season. Our defensive frailties seem to still be there, but to be fair, it was probably our 2nd choice back 3 and Cech didn’t bask himself in glory by going walkabout for two of the goals. Similar to last year’s start […]

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