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Two great managers pointing the way to their teams

Best Of Enemies: Wenger-Ferguson, Relive One of Sport’s Greatest Rivalries

There have been many great sporting rivalries over the years. Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier, Bjorn Borg versus John McEnroe, Sebastian Coe versus Steve Ovett and Nigel Benn versus Chris Eubank are just a few unforgettable rivalries. What they all had in common was they all had a real edge to them. They didn’t really […]

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Enough is enough. Unless it's trophies. Then it's never enough.

The Arsenal Lean Years: Stadium Debt or Wenger Inept?

This is the second in a series of Wenger-related posts by me. I am Wenger Out, but still revere him for his achievements. My intention here in this series is to highlight and correct some misconceptions or misinterpretations of his tenure, since he should be seen by ALL of us (Wenger in or out) as […]

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Wenger v Mourinho or Arsenal v Man United, still suffering ‘Post Alex Ferguson Stress Disorder?

The International Break is over at on Saturday lunch-time The Arsenal are back, and back at the home of one of our traditional rivals. Most of us hate Spurs the most, it’s our cultural DNA. But United, possibly due to the Wenger/Sir Alex rivalry, rank highly. And whilst many United fans don’t like us, they […]

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Gazidis and Kroneke are experts at deflecting blame

The Fish Rots From The Head – Arsenal needs a culture shift

Another visit to Old Trafford, another shambolic performance. I don’t bother with anger anymore. If a decade of resignation has taught me anything, it is that while the situation at Arsenal is helplessly rigid, emotion simply isn’t worth it. Pessimism has been a faithful ally of mine over the years; I’d recommend it to any […]

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Did Arsene drop the pizza not resigning Cesc?

Now I know many more esteemed bloggers than I have broached this topic, but I wanted to put a different slant on the subject. Following Saturday’s successful but ultimately disappointing performance, questions regarding our midfield have raised their ugly heads again. Arsene chose the odd but partially enforced formation of 4231, playing the much maligned […]

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