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If not, jog on with the plastics and the glory hunters

Come on Lads – Support The Arsenal or Jog on with the Plastics and the Glory Hunters

Support The Arsenal or The Arsenal   I’m not one to slag off fellow Gooners on how they support The Arsenal. It’s your choice, your opinions, your way. But recently it’s been getting beyond ridiculous. Some of the feeds I follow on Facebook and Twitter are beginning to test my faith in my fellow Arsenal […]

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21 Years and Counting… It’s all down to this on ‘Not Just any Given Sunday!’

21 years and counting…. As you know Sunday is a must win for us and a must lose for the Sp*ds, so I thought I would have a go at writing Wenger’s speech for Sunday. The problem is every time I started I always came back to this.. So here we go: “I don’t know […]

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Flamini second goal

Spuds peeled, but how to deal with foxy Leicester?

NLD Nothing eases the pain of a derby loss than a derby win, especially against spurs. Wenger now has a decision to make. If Coquelin is out for a while who does he pick to play next to Cazorla? The obvious answer would be club captain Mikel Arteta, but Flamini made a good case for […]

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