Living Rent Free in a small minds

Well unsurprisingly, the spuds failed to live up to our low expectations of them and sacrificed their own Champion’s League hopes, to potentially prevent The Arsenal’s title challenge.

To the form book, the so called Spud fans were, very vocally, cheering when City scored.

Would Liverpool fans cheer a United goal, no.

Would Chelsea fans cheer an Arsenal goal, no.

It just goes to prove their small club mentality and the FACT that Spuds are more concerned about Arsenal than their own misfortunes.

Ask any Arsenal fan when the spuds last won a trophy and we would reply, about 10 years ago, ish.

A Spud can name every minuscule detail about Arsenal, from the exact minute we left Woolwich, to the inside leg measurement of Arteta.

I’ve also heard rumours of an open top bus parade around Middlesex on Monday, to celebrate City’s premier league title.


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We’ve been living rent free in their heads for over 100 years and long may it continue.

Living in Australia, we get a lot of coverage of Ange and following his post game presser, I feel sorry for the guy.

He has just realised the small man syndrome he has signed up for and he doesn’t understand or want to understand it.

Aussies play to win at all costs, pushing the boundaries wherever possible and when your fans (and some inside the club) would rather lose to hurt someone else’s prospects than give one hundred percent, he is going to start to question the point of it all.

“It’s not the way I am wired, I’ve always believed that in a contest, you want to win. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. I’m a bit bemused by the whole discussion over the last 48 hours and why, as a football club, we wouldn’t want to win the game, whether you’re a supporter or a player. Maybe I’m out of step, but I just don’t care, I just want to win.”

When you have to call out one of your own fans who is demanding you throw the game, you know there are some serious deep rooted issues.

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Postecoglou summed the mentality perfectly.

“I suppose, there have been some years where Tottenham have had bragging rights., but, walk through the halls, mate, there’s no bragging rights there. There’s none. The pictures on the wall do not show players with a big sign saying we’ve got bragging rights”

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