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Can't spend or won't spend it

A Conspiracy Theory on why Wenger will not spend – Spend what you earn or reap what you sow?

Spend what you earn or reap what you sow? Based on the club ethos of balancing the books and running the club the ‘right way’, it is fair to ask as fans ‘Why are we not spending what we earn?’ I don’t proclaim to be a financial wizard, so my assessment will be pretty basic, […]

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No penny pinching on my salary

Top 4 Questions for Arsene Wenger – When? Why? Who? WTF!

When? Why?, Who? And WTF For the first time, I am beginning to question Arsenal and Arsene. Sunday capitulation has raised so many questions they are too numerous to list here and most have already been covered in various blogs in the Gooner World. Hopefully not to rehash the same points, I’ve listed my questions […]

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