Top 4 Questions for Arsene Wenger – When? Why? Who? WTF!

When? Why?, Who? And WTF

For the first time, I am beginning to question Arsenal and Arsene. Sunday capitulation has raised so many questions they are too numerous to list here and most have already been covered in various blogs in the Gooner World.

Hopefully not to rehash the same points, I’ve listed my questions below:


1– If we can’t win this title this season, can we win another in the foreseeable future?

2015/16, the season that Chelsea and United implode, City are distracted with the Champions League and The Arsenal assemble their best team since the Invincibles and we still can’t mount a convincing challenge for the title.

Given that Chelsea, City and United start next season with new managers and Liverpool already have their new man in situ, all four are highly likely to be given substantial funds to build their squads and yet again The Arsenal could very easily be left behind.


2- The usual January/February capitulation; Weak mentality or lack of ability?

Since the turn of the year we’ve picked up 12 points from a possible 24, before January we were 39 from 57. Yes there have been injuries, but this run has hit as all the players were returning and just as we are installed as favourites. Too many seasons have ended February, with our guaranteed exit from the Champions League followed in hot pursuit in by surrendering of any meaningful Premier League challenge.


3- IF now is the time to replace Wenger, have we left it too late?

The first two choices, Klopp and Pep are already in place in the EPL. Is any other big name going to want the pressure and the risk to their reputation of chasing a top 4 minimum in a 5/6 horse race.


4- Has Arsene been reading his Twitter feed too much lately?

The twitter nation hate Giroud and The BFG, but why did Arsene pick the United game to agree with them?

They claim Olly needs too many chances and Per is too slow and both must be offloaded ASAP. (I see a 20+ striker who puts himself about and links up with the on rushing midfield support and a centre back who does the important things well, wins headers and reads the game to cover his lack of speed.)

The Twitter nation has been screaming for both to be dropped and Arsene obliged.

Their replacements (as requested by the Twitter nation), Theo; whose only contribution was to help set up United’s first and The Angel, who looked like he’d never played alongside Kos before and had lost the ability to head the ball.

Playing Theo also changes the dynamic of the attack. OG allows players to go wide or down the middle. Theo isn’t a centre forward and doesn’t link play with oncoming midfielders.

Why change for such a big game?

All responses on a postcard to Stan Kronke, C/- The Los Angeles Rams.

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