The Barcelona iPad Scouting App says the same as Citeh’s – We need Jack Wilshere this Summer

So here we go again.

It’s not even April and the ‘Cant’alans are bloody well at it again.

With Xavi joining the Qatari gravy train this summer, Barca need a midfielder to fill his immense boots.

So Luis Enrique has whipped out his iPad, started up his scouting app, set the search to its default setting (who have Arsenal got?), (it’s the same app City have) and low and behold the answer it came up with was JACK WILSHIRE. (amazingly the same answer City’s app came up with)


The Barca App says Jack to replace Xavi


Marca will be running stories next week how Jackie boy has always been a Barca fan & how Wenger is keeping him a slave in his current contract. You know the usual, non tapping up shite they always run.

And just to rub salt in our wounds, they are trying to invoke the old ‘Barca in the Blood’ bollox again & lure Bellerin back to Barcelona. Alves is apparently off to ManUre & they now need a right back.

They let him go at 16, we made him the player he is now & then suddenly that want him back.

Sound all too familiar to me.

It was in Cesc's blood and

It was in Cesc’s blood and


It’s in your blood too Hector


For a team with its supposedly renown academy, they sure do troll our training ground, so much so that the Arselona XI (if they get their way, again) would be;



LB- Sylvinho

CB Vermaelen

CB Petit

RB Bellerin

RM Overmars

CM Fabregas

CM Wilshire

LM Van Bronkhorst

AM Hleb

CF Henry


(Theoretically) A team, on its day, that would that would push any side in the Champions League. Although it needs a keeper, so expect Ospina to be linked, any day now. 😉

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