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Mr. Arsenal….captain, leader, legend….but wrong on our opening day defeat…

Mr. Arsenal….captain, leader, legend….but wrong on our opening day defeat…     He’s a boss in many ways. I doubt there are many, if any, Gooners alive who don’t rate Tony Adams. Every club seemingly has a pre-eminent player, who represents the best triumphs and spirit of the club in question. For Man United, it’s […]

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No matter who owns the shares The Arsenal’s Soul will NEVER be up for Sale, because Arsenal is…….

Arsenal’s soul will never be up for sale.   Arsenal is the gasping of breath at my first sight of the Highbury turf, after my small legs carried me up the well-trodden steps. Arsenal is the smell of frying onions on an autumnal evening as a sea of red and white meanders the terraced streets […]

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Arsenal conceded less goals in the Money Restricted ‘Banter’ Era – How to sort our Leaking Defence?

This may seem like an odd discussion point. But then how many goals should we concede? In 17/18, only City, and Liverpool scored more goals than we did. We scored as many as our good friends from the Borough of Haringey. But our goals against tally was poor, especially vis a vis the top six. […]

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The captain, manager and match winner show off the Cup-Winners’ Cup to the Arsenal fans

Part 3; George Graham, The Manager, the Later Years

PART THREE: GEORGE THE MANAGER THE LATER YEARS     If you missed Part 2 you can read that first here. In 1991-92, George was expecting his side to reach at least the semi-finals of the European Cup. George was really looking forward to putting his wits against some of the top continental coaches. Nevertheless, […]

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Nietzsche Knew Best – Arsene Wenger, from Hero to Villain but should depart a Hero

Nietzsche Knew Best ……   Arsene arrived at Arsenal in October 1996, under a blaze of overwhelming mockery. The press did not know him, the fans did not know him and the players did not know him.   Tony Adams summed up the consensus: “At first, I thought, what does this Frenchman know about football? […]

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Ray Parlour

It’s Only Ray Parlour! Highbury Hero: Arsenal’s Romford Pele

All aboard the time machine we’re going back to the early 1990’s for the latest instalment of Highbury Heroes. A natural comedian off the pitch, but don’t be fooled by that, because on the pitch he worked as hard as anyone, a winner who gave his all for Arsenal Football Club. It’s only Ray Parlour, […]

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14 Major Failings/Themes Identified at Arsenal

I have read a lot of commentaries on our disastrous defeat on Sunday. There are common themes in all of them and I am thoroughly dismayed at the threads running through many of them which some of my contemporaries are highlighting. It brings me no comfort to find that I have been identifying the same […]

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The Making of 89 – ‘A fabulously serendipitous game of dominoes’ with Amy Lawrence and Lee Dixon

Arsenal supporters of all ages and from all over the world are keenly awaiting the general release of ’89 The Film’. The new movie, inspired by the unique climax to the 1988/89 Division One season, that saw The Gunners, having seemingly thrown the title away, travel to Anfield for the last match of the season […]

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1989 BP (Before Premier League) – Memories of the 26th May 1989

1989 BP (Before Premier League) SkySports won’t talk about because it’s pre-Premier League and therefore didn’t actually happen. But for us Gooners, 26th May 1989 was the most traumatic, dramatic and euphoric 90 minutes of our lives. With the release of the documentary ’89’ on 20th November (29th for us in Australia 😟) I thought […]

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Busting open the Top 6 Arsenal Popular Myths, Misconceptions and Opinions

Unpopular Arsenal opinions These are just random thoughts I have collated over time, and based on contrary views to common Gooner opinion. Nothing presented here will be offensive to any person, though there will be some unexpected praise and constructive criticism towards the people cited here. Views and comments against or for are very welcome: […]

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