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Coincidence or Curse? How Arsenal have failed when they abandoned Yellow.

It’s not Antiquated Arsene, it’s not Short-armed Stan, it’s the Kit !!!!!!! Since moving to The Emirates, we have not had the success that we were promised or expected. The majority of fans lay the blame for this at the door of Arsene. the owner and the board. But…… I actually believe that they are […]

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Sad fans

Arsenal Fans: Insufferably Spoilt? Or Are They Entitled? Part 1

Are Arsenal fans spoilt? – Part 1 It’s often said that Arsenal fans are seen as both insufferable and a joke by other fanbases. I can see why this is so, but then I think to some degree it’s unfair. What prompted this piece was the latest Footballistically Arsenal podcast, in which it was discussed […]

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