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Busting open the Top 6 Arsenal Popular Myths, Misconceptions and Opinions

Unpopular Arsenal opinions These are just random thoughts I have collated over time, and based on contrary views to common Gooner opinion. Nothing presented here will be offensive to any person, though there will be some unexpected praise and constructive criticism towards the people cited here. Views and comments against or for are very welcome: […]

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The Berlin Wall to Colour TVs, a lot can happen in 55 years – But one thing NEVER does.

Since 1961 many things have happened. 1961: The Berlin Wall was built. 1962 :  Marilyn Monroe was murdered, sorry, died. 1963:  Martin Luther King Jr, had a dream. 1964:  Mohammed Ali won his first heavyweight boxing title. 1965: Malcolm X was assassinated 1966:  England won the World Cup (& Jules Rimet is still gleaming)   […]

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The moment Ray Kennedy secured his place in Arsenal legend!

We won the League at White Hart Lane – 45 Years Ago today

45 Year ago today Arsenal won the league at the home of their arch North London rivals Tottenham. In a superb article originally posted on our sister site 1ND2OU in November 2012 Gary Lawrence relives the day…… The year was 1971 The Beatles had recently officially split up, decimalisation had arrived, Ali was getting it […]

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