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Darren Berry’s FA Cup Diary

As I write, less than a week on from that unforgettable day at Wembley, I’m already starting to see some of the focus shifting from winning the FA Cup to who we should and aren’t going to sign this summer among other things, and the bitching has started in earnest. Fine, if that’s your bag, […]

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Another disappointing day at the office for Oli G...

Chelsea Draw Though Uninspiring Shows Resilience

Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho’s ten encounter may not have been a classic, but perhaps did show a changing in the tide. Mourinho has never lost to Wenger in their ten meetings during his two spells in charge of Chelsea having won five and now drawn five but last night’s tie proved just the second […]

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Just what happened & Where did the time go?

Far Side View April 2013: Ivan runs into Arsene’s office, “Arsene, Arsene, We’ve done it, we’ve signed Stevan Jovetic. It’s a done deal, all sorted, no dramas”“Now Ivan, are you sure. I’ve heard these sort of stories before” retorts Arsene“Well, we’ve agreed terms with the player” Ivan responds excitedly.“Really Ivan, really?”“I’m about to speak to […]

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An End of Era for Arsene Wenger?

You Guest It So much angst has been expended and so many blogging hours have been spent fretting about the capability of AW to do some business on the Transfer Market, and yet what are we talking about? After 8 fruitless years or so, Gazidis has told us the club is now in the happy […]

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Arsenal 1 – Villa 3: Enough’s enough.

Michael Jeffares Column Well isn’t it great to be back? Fuck me, how I haven’t missed this feeling. A feeling that can only be summed up in the word ‘deflated’ I thought I’d check out deflated on the old thesaurus and it threw up the following: DrainedEmptyExhaustedSagging There you have it, Arsène Wenger’s recent reign […]

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