Let’s not forget the moments of magic Theo can produce…

Recently there’s been a lot of chatter about Theo, his contract & his place in the team. Theo has divided opinion ever since he joined The Arsenal in 2006.

He has undoubted speed, apparently the fastest professional footballer in the world, (although Bellerin is supposed to be quicker), it’s whether his brain can keep up with his feet that it the topic of constant interrogation. So much so, that it lead Chris Waddle to question Theo’s ‘Footballing Brain’;

“He just doesn’t understand the game for me – where to be running, when to run inside a full-back, when to just play a one-two.”


Ericsson’s down right bizarre decision to take Theo to the ’06 World Cup before he’d even played for Arsenal, didn’t help his cause either.

Theo has had his moments of genius…

Vs Croatia

Vs Liverpool

But there have also been plenty of moments of frustration.



In his last full-ish season 12/13 things were looking up;

  • 14 Goals
  • 83% pass accuracy
  • 38 chances created

Theo was showing what he could produce on a regular basis & what he could provide to the team week in, week out. But then, as is the norm at The Arsenal, the injury jinx hit & since then he has been limited to 21 appearances.

Following Saturday’s heroics, Theo’s biggest issue, is the team sheet & where he fits in. Theo is after one of the front 3 berths In the fluid 433, but he’s up against; Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez, Cazorla, Ozil & The Ox for a starting spot.  Sorry no joy there, as Theo is definitely behind all 6 of them in the pecking order.



So this leaves him fighting for, at best, a place on the bench, which will only get exasperated by any new midfield arrivals this summer & the potentially returning Podolski, Campbell & Sanogo. Where does this position a fit Theo Walcott at The Arsenal? By my reckoning, at best, a squad player & there lies the dilemma.



Do Arsenal renew & pay the cash to use him as an impact player, hoping to get the best out of Theo in short bursts. Or, Sell (probably to €it¥, thanks to their transfer app) & pray he doesn’t, finally, turn out consistently good.



Personally, I’d get him to sign a new deal. Cos if he produces that moment of genius, you want him with you, not against you. & you never know, he may prove us all wrong & get a spot in the 1st XI.


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2 Responses to Let’s not forget the moments of magic Theo can produce…

  1. Jimmy Bill April 7, 2015 at 4:11 pm #

    It wasn’t the ’96 world cup he went to, that would make him seven

  2. Wellmington April 9, 2015 at 3:04 pm #

    my bad, obviously don’t spell check my numbers, should have been 06

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