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Mikel and Zizou have a chat. [Satire]

It’s 9am Monday morning and Mikel has spent all weekend psyching himself up for this one phone call. Looking in the mirror, MA starts talking to himself: “He’s just a man, he’s like anyone else. Just pick up the phone and talk to him. Just ‘cos he’s Zizou, just ‘cos he’s won the World Cup, […]

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Suffering from lack of footballing identity?

Arsenal is being left behind by the other top clubs, and it might be too late to catch up

Arsenal, how the mighty have fallen. And how we’re allowing the sore to grow. The latest defeat to Bournemouth highlights how far we’ve fallen. But why do we allow the sore to fester? We’re sick. But then we’re not resolving the sickness. I feel like we’re viewing a bad cut, and not making any effort […]

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Future not.looking great...

Finally – an actual solution to the problem that is Arsenal (Part 1)

If you were in charge at Arsenal Football Club! (PART 1) So, we are all frustrated with Arsenal. Different levels, but frustrated. Even folks that think Wenger is doing fantastic work right now can’t love 6th place. I’m sure it’s not just me that thinks about what they would do if they could make the […]

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The Suarez Dilemma: Wenger Wants Him. You Don’t. Who Is Right?

What’s The Score?! THE SUAREZ DILEMMA Wenger Wants Him. You Don’t. So Who Is Right?  by Batmandela Luis Suárez a genius wrapped up in a monster. Or so we’re led to believe. Should we sign him? Or not. That’s the Suárez Dilemma.   invinciblogI was eleven-and-a-half. My family had just emigrated from Rhodesia to South […]

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