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Exclusive: Edu speaks to Zizou, again :)

Things have been quite on the inside information front recently. I blame the Australian lock downs and the utter crapness of Australia Post to be able to deliver anything. Apparently my latest phone tap from London Conley left Hertfordshire 6 weeks ago, landed at Sydney 2 days later and took 5 weeks to travel 10 […]

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Strong Leadership

Leadership, Tactics and Players – Arsenal need Strong, Strong, Strong and we have Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Where do we go from here? It’s the same old Arsenal, seemingly. We all have our views on the manager, but then what really is the issue? And what really needs to change? One way I look at things is via how each facet is aligned for success. I think for any organisation, in any […]

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Taxi for Senderos

Exclusive – Gunners Town chats to Phlippe Senderos – Once a Gooner….

GARY’S CHANCE ENCOUNTER I was sitting on point on the rank at London City Airport. I’d spent two and a half hours waiting for a job. All the flights had landed and it looked like I was going to blow out on point. But then a man started to walk towards me from the terminal. […]

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Ozil does not need to be the Arsenal Number 10 to use the space that a 10 Exploits

My axe first came to be ground shortly after England’s exit in Brazil during the World Cup when a national news station claimed England’s failings were due to a lack of a number 10! I then got further angst when the Arsenal twitterverse jumped on the #playOzil@10 bandwagon. I was finally forced to the power […]

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The Best No. 10 On The Planet Is Nearing His Best

You sold Bale and we signed Mesut Ozil, Mesut Ozil, Mesut f***ing Ozil!!  Honestly having been a huge fan of his before I even thought it was possible he could play for my club, I still rub my eyes in disbelief that he sports the mighty red kit of Arsenal!   What a player he […]

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Legends at Arsenal; What is or should their role be?

Global Gooner Sundays It’s been a while since I’ve written but I was keen to accept the open invitation from Dave Seager to write for Gunners Town. The drought was born out of lack of inspiration and a good topic to work on. Chalk that up to the slow crunch of the transfer window, the […]

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