Taking the Tweets: Wilshere is #FIFAKing

WTTGT Writer: Ryan Cottell

Jack Wilshere – #FIFAKING

Arsenal’s king of Tweets, Jack Wilshere has maintained his strong Twitter form into the summer break, revealing a comfortable victory for the Arsenal contingent in the England camp. Wilshere, alongside Theo Walcott, took a 3-0 win over international team mates Rio Ferdinand and Joleon Lescott in the FIFA battle.

Wilshere has labelled himself the ‘King of FIFA’ in a response to FIFA’s recent presidential re-election: “Sepp Blatter re-elected as #FIFA president… that’s strange, because I thought I was #Fifaking ;)”

Jack followed this by revealing to the world his great fear of drug testing: “I hate it! Can’t do a wee when someone is watching me.”

He presumably passed the test, reassuring fans he isn’t taking the Kolo Touré route. Although a couple of Kolo’s diet pills for Andrei Arshavin could perhaps be considered a calculated risk?

Later that day Wilshere hit the fairway with some England team-mates, but didn’t forget his responsibilities to Arsenal. He Tweeted: “Bit of golf with big Gaz Cahill… trying to convince him to join me at Arsenal.” Let us hope the FA Regulatory Commission missed this one!

Robin Van Persie #NEWTEAMMATE

Vice-captain Robin Van Persie has also been on international duty with the Dutch squad in Rio for their 0-0 draw with Brazil. Despite a surprisingly dull game, Robin enjoyed the Brazilian entertainment on offer at the famous Copacabana with Dutch colleague, Khalid Boulahrouz.  

Van Persie Tweeted: “R&R @Rio” in reference to his meeting with former Barcelona and AC Milan star Ronaldinho.

Rumours of a Robin and Ronaldinho strike-force for Arsenal are yet to surface, although with the current rate of new talent being linked to the club by the collectively effervescent British media this summer, it is probably only a matter of time. 


Contract rebel Samir Nasri, usually a regular Tweeter, has been conspicuously quiet on the Twitter front since joining up with the France squad.

His last post, on May 31st, was ominously complimentary of retiring Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes, with Nasri comparing Scholes to French legend Zinedine Zidane.

I seem to remember Nasri himself being likened to the great Frenchman before his arrival at Arsenal from Marseille. Let’s hope he’s not hinting at something to Alex Ferguson.

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5 Responses to Taking the Tweets: Wilshere is #FIFAKing

  1. June 7, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Arsenal = clowns.

    Bunch of kids playing PES at home and taking pictures with well famous footballers.

    Ridiculous team

  2. June 7, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    Viva Juventus, Moggi & Del Piero.


  3. willybilly June 7, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    @Federico, you are just a bitter fool who cant get over the fact that these"ridiculous kids" play better football than whatever dried up LAME Italian team you support could ever dream of, however many millions your president throws at it. you are the one who is ridiculous and have no real knowledge of the game. Yeah Arsenal have their problems but take a look at italian football, its a joke

  4. head June 8, 2011 at 7:59 am #

    @willybilly Hey lay off the Italian champions! This year the played against a crap team at White Hart Lane and thrashed… oh wait.

  5. June 8, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    hey willy billy. yours ignorance is for all to see.
    juventus president (which has been the longst reigning family in world football) has never given Juventus a penny except for the last two years. We MAKE teams and WIN competitions (two words unfamiliar in the arsenal dictionary) by growing and selling quality players like platini zidane cannavaro nedved (the list is never ending) and then replacing them with young quality players like thuram zambrotta emerson ibrahimovic trezeguet, names an arsenal fan can only dream about.
    good luck next year. the road seems uphill for the mighty arsenal

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