When Arsenal met eBay – Bargains galore!

WTTGT Writer: Ben Crump

Since its creation, eBay has been a worldwide car boot sale for people who want to sell or buy millions of items. You can find virtually anything on eBay and when it comes to football, football fans who love memorabilia, shirts etc, they can find all they need. If you’re lucky enough you can find anything to do with your club from the ordinary to the complete obscure. Just recently, someone actually bought the penalty spot where Wayne Rooney clinched the title for Manchester United last season for a mere £6,101. So let’s take a look at some weird and wonderful items Arsenal fans can get their hands on.

5. AP56 NAL – The Arsenal Number plate – Buy it now: £2,995.00

Personalised number plates are slowly dying out as they seem to be getting more and more expensive. In football, it has always been a big thing for professionals or managers to get their plates personalised. If you fancy it, then this is probably the closest you are going to get to having your football team on your plate. You can purchase the plate for just under £3k but bidding is yet to begin. Alternatively, there is another Arsenal plate going at the moment: G4ONER is available at £2k.

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4. Live next door to The Gunners – Arsenal Stadium Flat – Buy it now: £495 per week

Do you remember those magical years at the old Highbury Stadium or is it simply that you miss your old season ticket seat? Then don’t hesitate to rent an apartment where the old South Stand used to be situated. A two double bedroom apartment with a reception, kitchen, two bathrooms and is only two years old now occupies the same place where legends like Thierry Henry, Ian Wright and Robert Pires formerly played. It can all be yours for just under £3k per month.

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3. Highbury TV Ads Board – From Clockend 2006 – Buy it now: £399.99

Okay, this is a strange one, but if you fancy a little bit of Highbury then the 2006 TV advertising board is available for £400. If you’re not sure what it is, then every time you watch an interview on television after a game, and you see those adverts behind the player, well that is the TV advertising board. With this purchase, the seller will also send you photos of the TV advertising board in use and inside the old Highbury ground just before it was knocked down. A must have, surely?

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2. Action man, the greatest hero of them all – Arsenal Figure – Buy it now: £399.99

Are you an avid Action Man fan or collector, but also an Arsenal fan? Then why not combine the two with a one off figure of Action Man himself in the Arsenal strip. Action man has been around more than 50 years and during the years in which George Best was a good footballer, the Action Man series started to produce Football outfits for the character. The kit for this particular figure is from around the 1970 season. Let the bidding commence…

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1. For the Ultimate Arsenal Fan – a full size cannon – Buy it now: £350.00

‘You can’t call yourself a true Gunner if you don’t have one of these in your back garden.’ That is quote from the seller himself… The original badge when the club was first founded comprised of three columns, which, although they look like chimneys, are in actual fact cannons. The significance of the cannons to the Borough of Woolwich derives from the long military history surrounding the area. So why not get a real one?

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