Will the 12th man at AFC replace David Dein?

WTTGT Writer: Carlos De Lima

After Sunday’s game, have we witnessed a significant moment under Wenger’s rein? It was the first time in fifteen years that Wenger was booed for making an absolute howler of a substitution. He tried to use the excuse that AOC had been cramping but everyone knew that AOC had just taken the game by the scruff of the neck and even his captain was astounded!

I noticed something very different in Wenger’s post match interview. He seemed beaten inside. He spoke in a calm but sadden tone as he realized he had substituted his best chance of winning the game and the fans at the Emirates had let him know it. He was finally wrong!

Wenger has been king of the Arsenal castle for while but without David Dein there is no challenger to his stubbornness and decision making. Rice looks like a ‘yes man’ at the moment and when he retires, how I’d love to see Adams come in and shore up defensive part of this team!

Today the Arsenal fans vented their frustration and it looks like every time play United, the positive do come out (As in squad strengthening after 8-2 loss). And here are the positives we can take away from Sunday’s defeat.

  • Wenger finally acknowledging that Djourou cannot defend and is technically,tactically and positionally out of his depth in an Arsenal shirt. Yennaris came on and immediately gave us pace and shape.
  • AOC gave his best performance yet in the red and white of Arsenal and looks ready for the Premier League.
  • Wenger’s insinuating that Ashravin was technically at fault for the goal (he never criticizes publically) can only isolate Ashravin further and the fans would be happy to see him leave the club and not stay in the way of Chamberlain’s development.
  • Wenger would have realized that Arsenal fans would not tolerate any more incompetent and lazy players or bad management.

Wenger is our manager and we owe him a lot of gratitude. But he sometimes needs to get challenged and have his nose put out of joint to see his faults and this Dein did to great effect until he left the club. Today the Arsenal fans stepped into Dein’s shoes and voiced their opinion which serves well for the club’s future.

“In Arsene we trust”. But now he knows well not to take advantage of the fans’ support after having felt the heat of our frustration. Finally, a great second half display and with Wilshere, Arteta, Sagna and Santos returning we can only get stronger!


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5 Responses to Will the 12th man at AFC replace David Dein?

  1. [email protected] January 24, 2012 at 1:29 pm #

    dein was also the man who took control of the tranfers, wenger gave him names dein brought them in quickly and quietly. we need him back, get rid of gazidis and pat rice although he is one of my idols i believe its time for him to go and shortly followed by wenger once all has been restored and replaced with Brendan Rodgers and steve bould, for the long term

  2. [email protected] January 24, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    I disagree with one of your conclusions. wenger has not finally realised that djourou canno defend more that he cannot play right nack against pacy wingers similar to miquel. i said before kick off that djourou should have played in the middle with per and kos and tv at full nacks. i got hounded for the suggestion but as soon as djourou came off and we had a more mobile right back the problem was fixed. kos and tv are very good full backs its just a shame they are also our best centre backs. everyone keeps saying we need 2 new full backs but if we bought 2 centre halves that are better than kos and tv which is not as hard as trying to find 2 full backs then we would be just as well off. a new centre back pairing of samba and vertonghen would be superb with kos competing with sagna for full back as well as cb and tv competing with santos for lb and vertonghen for cb. we would then also have jenkinson yennarris bartley mertesacker miquel and gibbs as further back up. for me that is all that is required sell djourou squillaci and hoyte to raose funds for samba and vertonghen.

  3. Gooner Flamini Dillon January 24, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    I am amazed how the fans have let this go on for far to long in the mis- management of our club. We have been in this position of going nowhere for at least 5 years. we are now going in reverse.
    The so -called powers to be at Arsenal are showing their inept and lack football knowledge to run a top football club. The board has to go and out with the deadwood players that a bleeding our much needed resources dry.
    Arsen Wenger can no more take us forward and shouid be made youth couch.
    Bring in a new , no nonsense manager to salvage our dying football club.
    Barcelona, Man utd as wel as a number of other European clubs can develop their players to maximum potential but the results show that Arsenal cannot develop players to their maximum potential.
    To be a top player, he has to have dedication in him to be a top player. It shows on the pitch that 3 or 4 of them should not be in the first team and should be got rid of and replace with players that want to play for our club .
    From a very sad gooner.

  4. [email protected] January 25, 2012 at 10:59 am #

    i agree with the above but i think wenger needs to be the manager when eventually if we ever do start to build a team and as i said earlier replace him with rodgers when the team is settled, for example on how not to do it, look at chelsea or liverpool AVB will be the best maneger in the world in a couple of years and chelsea will be ruling Europe it would of happened sooner if they kept ancelloti for a couple of years and got rid of the old players. liverpool on the other hand wont be going anywhere, dont get me wrong daglish is a good manager but he lacks the modern style of football and he has to many central midfielders. arsene on the other hand has a reputation of being one of the best if not the best manager in the world hes been there and done nearly all of it with hardly any resources. but with every great manager there is a great president, chairman, vice chairman e.g. alex ferguson and david gill, jose mourinho and abramovic, moratti, florentino perez and when we were in the promised land arsene wenger and david dein.
    the facts are simple david dein must return but probably the only way how is to be rid of hill wood and kroenke as the only thing they care about is getting something in there pocket. usmanov is the man for arsenal and dein saw it when he sold part of his share in arsenal to red and white holdings owned by usmanov, we must do what they did at liverpool take out the trash get rid of these greedy american business men and start the build up back to the promised land. as for hill wood, he has put his family name to shame if i were his dad i would be turning in my grave

  5. Darren January 26, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Could not agree more. AOC was the only source of encouragement. The young keeper Szczesny is exceptional also; future Arsenal Captain. That back four really is woeful. Need Verminator back at CB. And as the blog says draft in Adams to shore up the defense.

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