Arsenal versus Bayern Munich; We can be heroes…


Here we go again! Knock out football returns to the Emirates tonight as the dust from the Blackburn fall out still lingers in the air like a spectre.

This time around it’s last chance saloon. Make or break. Stand up and… You get the idea. This one fixture could be the difference between a catastrophic season and salvaging some dignity. Occasions don’t come much bigger than Bayern Munich in the Champions League and if Arsenal were to win tonight it would go a small way towards cooling the simmering rage that has pushed fans closer to rebellion these past few days, than they’ve ever been before.

Arsenal’s calamitous state of affairs coupled with Bayern’s ominous form and undoubted quality finds hope at a premium but if Arsenal needed proof that an underdog can spring a surprise, they’ve certainly had that recently. Someone on that pitch will be a hero tonight… Why can’t he be wearing an Arsenal shirt?

Here are a few names that could be that hero;

The dead cert…

Jack Wilshere: There’s not much more anyone can say about our captain in the making that hasn’t already been said. He’s the heartbeat, the inspiration, and the guile in this Arsenal team. If AFC win tonight, it’d be a crazy man who bets against Wilshere being the man at the centre of it.

P for vendetta…

Lukas Podolski: Arsenal’s German international flanker endured probably the worst form of his career during his three year stay at Bayern Munich and he will want to prove himself to the club where he underachieved. Fan’s favourite Poldi yesterday claimed on Twitter to “ready n on fire”, and let’s hope so as his vengeful left boot could be the key to an Arsenal victory.

The (hopefully) immovable object…

Per Mertesaker: Before joining Arsenal, German bean pole Mertesaker made 221 appearances in the Bundesliga and as such you would hope he is well versed in facing the league’s biggest club. It’s fair to say that during his Arsenal career Mertesaker hasn’t looked the picture of serenity on many occasions but he had a strong reputation in his home land and may just pull a performance out here.

The long, long, long shot…

Andre Arshavin: Let me just start with; I know. Andre Arshavin? The man who promised so much and delivered so little? But before you all turn up at my door to cart me off to the asylum, just cast your minds back to the season before last. After finishing second in their group, a largely panned AFC side welcomed the best team in the world; Barcelona, to the Emirates in a last 16 Champions League tie. Things seemed to take an inevitable turn when Zlatan Ibrahimovic broke the Gunners back line early on and chipped the advancing keeper for 0-1. However come 90 minutes the Emirates faithful were in rapturous celebration as Arsenal famously rolled out 2-1 victors. Who scored the winner? Arshavin: that’s who. The beleaguered Russian came off the bench that night and plucked a sublime finish out of the top draw that gave Arsenal one of their most unanticipated victories of all time. Maybe, just maybe, lightning might strike twice!

Sam French

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  1. [email protected] February 19, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

    No point in bringing on Arshavin unless we are going to attack with pace.
    If we do he can be devastating.

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