Arsenal frustrating, Arsenal not convincing, but Arsenal WINNING – The Scott Davis Rant

There was an air of inevitability about Sunday’s result at Old Trafford which put Chelsea one point clear of us in third, having played a game less.

Manchester United, championship sewn up, lined up with a side missing the likes of David de Gea, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney to name a few. Players of which who’ve contributed hugely towards their title triumph of this season.


Of course – As an Arsenal fan, absolutely. We had all hoped they’d give Locomotive London a right drubbing to be honest – something of which, all week, I thought they would.  Right up until I saw that lineup for that matter.  Truth be told, my heart sank when I saw the likes of Anderson starting – a player of which whose on borrowed time at United as it is.

Anyway, Sir Alex Ferguson is of course their manager and he has every right to pick whatever side he wants in whatever fixture he likes, and rightly so.

Us on the other hand; well, we churned out yet another victory and our first Premier League victory at Loftus Road (which sounds staggering, I know).


Hardly.  But it was match day 36 so quite frankly, who cares?!  I certainly don’t.

I’ve spoken about it largely recently, but at this stage of the season, especially when you’re chasing something specific, all that really matters at the end of the day are the three points.

It’s a long old season, 38 games; and whilst I believe it’s important to have your own identity, to play well, to entertain/impress your fans for the majority; they don’t call this stage the ‘business end’ for no reason.  There’s a job to be done and slowly but surely we’re doing ours by winning games.

I’ve read many people’s opinions as of late about how they haven’t been convinced about recent performances and perhaps they have a point.  But for me if we were to go about playing some wonderful stuff without the wins, you’d be so disappointed. Even more so going into the home straight.  Sure, your nerves are on edge and your heart can’t take it at times, but that’s football.  That’s Arsenal.  We’ve never been known to go about targets in the easiest of fashions – the nerves and tension you feel is all mixed together to create such excitement.

For years now we’ve gone into games, reading and watching people say how Arsenal don’t know how to win ugly.  That we struggle to win games when we don’t play well.  That we can’t grind or fight, hanging out for that precious 1-0 away win; but we’ve gone to the likes of Swansea City, West Bromwich Albion , Fulham and now Queens Park Rangers and won football matches.  We’ve taken 12 points from our last four away games which you can’t ask any more than that from.

Yes, the Man United and Everton home draws were a slight hiccup – that we can’t deny.  United were there for the taking and Everton have only managed four away wins all season. But since the Tottenham Hotspur defeat, early March, we’ve taken 20 out of a possible 24 points.  That’s title winning form.

Rather fortunately for us Chelsea and Tottenham’s games in hand is that exact fixture which takes place Wednesday night.  I suggest you don’t want anything and just sit back, watch and take it for what it is.  I physically can’t bring myself to want a specific outcome which in any way benefits either of those two clubs.  If you do I suggest you run yourselves a bath after and give yourselves a good scrub down.  Obviously it weakens our position if the Spuds win, which means we’ll be relying on sides to take points off them in their remaining two games.  If Chelsea win, third would probably be out of our reach.  Whilst the draw means finishing 4th is very much within our hands.  Hopefully they’ll both lose?  Or at least kick lumps out each other and have a few sent off.  That’ll do for me.

Whilst our team as a whole haven’t looked as fluid and as fluent as we know they can be, there has been some great individual performances in recent games.  The collective improvement of the defence as a whole hasn’t gone a miss either. We’ve only conceded four in our last eight games where as we had conceded 10 in the eight previous.

The point is, like every fan, I too want to be entertained and to enjoy watching my side play attacking free flowing, slick, quick, high-in-tempo football – who doesn’t it?  The West Ham United victory back in January was breathtaking.  But for me, when you enter this stage of the season, the importance of winning games is placed right at the top of the pedestal. 

So, whether we’re sweeping all aside before us or shit-clogging our way through these remaining two fixtures; stay with them, back them, and get behind them.  Come on! 

After all, once they’re done with we’ll all be bored until August anyway, so make the most of it and continue your support.

See you at Wigan Athletic.


Scott Davis

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5 Responses to Arsenal frustrating, Arsenal not convincing, but Arsenal WINNING – The Scott Davis Rant

  1. Mainoo David May 7, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

    I prefer a draw.
    which means chelsea will be 2 points ahead wid Tottenham trailing by a point..This means we have a chance for both 3rd&4th places.
    A chelsea win means we wud be fighting for 4th place wid Spurs wid da remaining matches.
    I prefer a three team race..

  2. Ben Gun Goon May 7, 2013 at 7:12 pm #

    Chelsea and Spurs will drop points in their next two games, believe that!

  3. May 7, 2013 at 7:15 pm #

    @Mainoo David
    What does wud,wid and da mean?

  4. May 8, 2013 at 2:47 am #

    i have the premonition that arsenal will qualify for champions league next season. Though i didn't watch all arsenal match this season including our victory over bayern on second leg and reading also,i choose our match against west ham in january as my best and 7 goals to 5 win against reading as most miraculous match.

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