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How Mikel Arteta is Changing Arsenal Football Club – Part 1

HALF AN HOUR into the North London Derby, everyone knew something exciting was happening. Something was up and charging in the air. It was not just the roar of the fans or the score on the board. It was something more than that, something that could be felt, seen, spoken of, almost touched. It was […]

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Numbers Don’t Lie: the most important stat to consider before the North London Derby

Four-thousand, nine-hundred and sixty-three daysThree-thousand, two-hundred and eighty-three days We all know which one is the biggest number, yet we constantly hear about the smallest one, which is the number of days our infamous trophy-drought lasted. Countless articles were written about our inability to win trophies during the nine-year, 512-game streak that went from the […]

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Breakaway European Super League: Arsenal Join 5 other Premier League Clubs

In breaking news, European football has been rocked by the revelations that a number of clubs, including Arsenal have either signed an agreement or expressed interest in joining a breakaway league that would effectively be a direct competitor for the UEFA Champions League.  Whilst it is not the first time rumours have emerged that the […]

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The road to the Champions League is full of potholes

The road to the Champions League is full of potholes When you are 3-0 down at West Ham on a Sunday afternoon, the Champions League feels a long way away. However, the Gunners fought back superbly to come away with a draw. That fighting spirit is needed if Arsenal are to play in the 2021/22 […]

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The Ultimate Review of Unai Emery’s Reign. A Detailed Account of The Spaniard’s Rise and Fall.

Portrayed as a fraud. Painted as a failed genius by others, there is more to Unai Emery’s tenure with Arsenal than meets the eye. Charged with the titanic assignment of returning Arsenal to Champions League ascension, Arsène Wenger’s successor highlighted the arrival of a new era. For the first time in over two decades, Arsenal […]

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The North London Derby Part 2: Arsenal 2 Tottenham 1 – Delicious Salty Tottenham Tears

THE BUILD UP Pacing, Drinking, Clenching, and Harry Kane’s Face in a Potato Urgh. You thought the past week was bad. The day of the game is absolutely unbearable isn’t it? I usually prefer a 4.30pm kick off on a Sunday, but for this particular fixture, I would be happy to kick off at 6am, […]

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Wenger was a Reptilian and talked to Aliens!! – Top 8 Arsenal Conspiracy Theories- Buffetgate, Lasagnegate and so many more

Plots. Sinister dealings. These words may come to mind when you think conspiracy theories. In our everyday lives we are surrounded by conspiracy claims, from the Moon landing, to Religion, to Government laws. Anywhere you look, a conspiracy could arise. In Football there are many conspiracies at play, from a simple ‘’they cheated’’ or ‘’everyone […]

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You Can’t Fix Idiot: looking back on the shocking NLD – and ahead to Pool and City

Suburbs – Episode 04 “You Can’t Fix Idiot” Description: Ben, Chris and Steve try to dissect the shocking performance away in the North London Derby and get a little worried about our next two games against Liverpool and Man City. Don’t forget to subscribe using the many options below. WATCH On the Gunners Town YouTube […]

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Clean sheets and wins against the Foxes and the Tiny Totts in Arsenal’s “Death Run” please!

Gunners Town Pod – Suburbs Edition Episode 3 – 6th July 2020 Ben, Chris and Steve get all excitable discussing two wins, two clean sheets, the prospect of more wins and more clean sheets against Leicester and The Tiny Totts as Arsenal enter the current ‘death run’. The need to get Auba to ‘SignDaTing’ also […]

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Arsenal or Tottenham: who has had the worst season?

I believe the 2018/19 Premier League season is a sign of things to come… With one match to play and so many positions still in contention -including top of the log – it is a sign of the growing competitiveness in the top European football leagues, and in particular the English League, with its vast […]

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