Does modern football led by UEFA reward mediocrity and failure?

Being laid up on a hospital bed for the last week and sky high on morphine, my blog this week will be short and sweet and is a revisit to an old topic I discussed on my own site a few months ago.

Are UEFA breeding a generation of footballers who believe that winning isn’t everything?

This thought has been prompted by two quotes, one infamous and one not so.

Quote 1 – Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger:

“For me there are five trophies every season: Premier League, Champions League, the third is to qualify for the Champions League, The fourth is the FA Cup and then the League Cup.”

Quote 2 – My Good Mate, (and life-long Manchester City fan) @Andravies:

“They made it too important I’m afraid, teams don’t strive to win. If you reward failure so well, why bust a gut for glory?”

By reading both quotes, the answer to my initial question can only be, YES!

Back in the day, (yeah I know I’m old) the winners of the league qualified for the European Cup.

That was it, just the winners, no place for second, third or fourth. To be at Europe’s top table you had to be the best, therefore you had to give it ALL to win. By providing four qualifying spots to the Champions League to the Premier League, teams and players know that they can aim for the top in the knowledge that if that fail, it doesn’t really matter because they will still be in the Champions League and therefore classed as successful, even though ultimately they failed because they FAILED TO WIN.

Well it’s just a theory anyway!

TheSundayMorningGooner: Football not Finance, Artistry not Science.

Steve Welman

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