WAG SPECIAL: Arsenal Ladies Alternate XI

Please note, this weeks Far Side View is just for

Living in Australia, it’s difficult to get away from old skool
misogynistic views. You only have to look at the politicians here to see its
still the beating heart of a proportion of Australians lives. 

So, following “Jack The Lads” recent
admission that, if Gonzalo Higuain signs for The Arsenal, a picture of his other
half, Soledad Fandino, would go right up on the bulletin board in the changing
room as “banter” and in an attempt to fit in with my Aussie hosts,
here is the Far Side View’s “Arsenal Ladies Alternate XI” 

(This will also probably lose me the following of
every fan girl I have on Twitter!) 

In goal we have: 

Sandra Dziwiszek,  Wojciech Szczesny’s
Polish pole vaulter. 

Right back goes to:  

Ludivine Sagna – A marketing ploy missed? 

The centre-back pairing would be: 

Polly Parsons & Ulrike Stange –  

TV5’s television presenter girlfriend & The
BFG’s German International Handball playing trouble & strife. 

The final defensive position goes to: 

Amie Buck – Kieran Gibbs pole dancing, X-Factor

Across the middle we would rock up with: 

Mikel Arteta’s wife & former ‘Miss Spain’
winner Lorena Bernal, Jack Wilshere’s on / off girlfriend (& mother of his
child) Lauren Neal & Ursula Santirso, Santi Cazorla’s hometown

And finally the front 3 would be: 

Melanie Slade,  Jennifer Giroud & Monika
Puchalski. The respective wives of Messieurs Walcott, Giroud &

To use an infamous quote from Peter Crouch, when
asked what he would be if he wasn’t a professional footballer, he replied
“A Virgin”! 

TheSundayMorningGooner – just being a bloke!

If you are not too offended, please follow me
@wellmington and the rest of the excellent team @GunnersTown

Steve Wellman

One Response to WAG SPECIAL: Arsenal Ladies Alternate XI

  1. Ivor Biggun July 9, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

    there is no misogyny in Oz as you say, you fucking idiot. How dare you bare false witness against men of a whole nation

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