Mesut Ozil: Arsenal’s next world class player?

our place in the Champions League now secure, it’s time to get our transfer
business started. Do we have deals in place? Do we have targets who demand
Champions League football? I’m quite sure of that because otherwise we could
have signed players before right? There’s simply no other explanation.

As we
are the German desk here at Gunners Town, there’s only one player to talk about
when it comes to the final days of transfer business for this year and that has
to be Mesut Ozil. Ozil has been named as a possible Arsenal and Manchester United
target in recent days which is based on the imminent arrival of Gareth Bale.

With Isco already walking into Real Madrid’s starting XI there is a lack of
positions Ozil could play in. Don’t get me wrong I would play him any day as he
is an outstanding midfielder both for club and country. But with Madrid the
decisions are made differently.

was replaced in Monday’s win at Granada in the second half, and is reported to
have stormed straight down the tunnel. So it’s fair to say he was not amused
which I can totally understand. Him and Angel di Maria are the ones who will be
“axed” in my opinion. Madrid have to compensate for their big Welsh
signing. And with Ozil and di Maria they have two players they can cash in. And
honestly I don’t think they give a sh.. if the two want to leave or not. They
did the same with Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder a few years back. Robben was
even a deadline day signing if I’m not mistaken.

what would a player like Ozil bring to this Arsenal team? He’s not a DM, he’s
not a centre forward either a centre half. But what he brings is the class of
Santi Cazorla. The creativity such players get you in midfield. The quick turns,
the dribbling, the deadly passes. As we have seen in so many occasions these
are the situations which decide matches on a high level or defensive opponents.
And if we are honest we miss another player of that quality at the club. You
probably won’t get a Jack Wilshere kind of mentality. But the genius touch of a
world class midfielder. Just imagine Theo Walcott on the flank getting an inch
perfect Santi like pass. That’s exactly what you could expect from Ozil.

think all Madrid deals with whatever team depend on the Bale deal. If he comes
in players need to be shipped out. And Arsenal need to make sure they have
deals in place which can be finalised quickly. If Madrid want £30m, £35m or £40m
for Ozil I would pay it. I wouldn’t get pissed as in the Gonzalo Higuain
situation if they demand higher. I would simply transfer the money needed and
say fuc.. off we kick your as.. next time. I would love di Maria as well but Ozil
is the better package for me. He’s a complete midfielder with a leading role in
Germany’s national team. He will mature even more in coming years. He needs to
work on his goalscoring record but that’s something Arsene Wenger could
certainly work on.

United in for him as well it could be a tough fight. But Ozil might prefer the
capital flair a bit more than the rainy north. But that’s not all that matters
these days I guess.

crossed we can get some deals across the line.


Chris Mader

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