Is Wenger right to bench Mesut Ozil for Arsenal at Sunderland

day was more than a week ago but the Mesut Özil hype is still up and running.

With the Ö, or Umlaut as we
call it should be named best, used feature on Twitter and the shirt sales gone
straight through the roof, there was a notable relief when the internationals
were done yesterday evening and our new signing made it to the airport safely.
He’s been guided by the BFG so what did we expect 😉

despite internationals taking place and the World Cup pretty much on the agenda
the tabloids where full of Özil here Özil there stories. Fascinating if you
imagine we didn’t have a player of such interest since Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp?
Even the Robin van Persie or Cesc Fabregas deals seemed to be not such hype for
so long.

And adding to that the
Spanish press or should I say Real Madrid officials make it easy to keep it a
topic. Madrid pushed Özil out and now try to justify the move by launching one
fake story after another. Why should Özil be after Miss Venezuela? Why should
he be out of form due to that? That’s bullshit and Madrid know it. They have
realised that buying a Welsh international with around eight Champions League appearances
for €100m might not have been such a good idea in the end.

of you will have followed Özil’s development for a long time and might know
what kind of character he is. He’s not the character Madrid want him to look
like and they should simply shut up and focus on regaining the stupidly spend €100m.
Not that you didn’t already know but I had the feeling it has to be said at one
point. Özil is ours and we’ll defend him against all odds.

to footy now. Arsenal are playing Sunderland at the weekend and most of you
argue about whether to start Özil or not. For me he’s starting on the bench and
I will tell you why. By the time we face Sunderland Özil will have trained a
maximum of 2.5 times with the first team.

He is a world class player
and he should get used to new environment (on the pitch) quite quick. But to
step out at Sunderland, a team which has his backs against the wall already
won’t be a good idea in my opinion.

Paolo Di Canio will have a
plan which will be aggressiveness at all costs. And to push Özil into it
without gelling with his teammates is not a good idea. Plus Arsene Wenger isn’t
the type of coach to do so just to present a new signing. Wenger will start his
in-form starting XI hoping they will decide the match early on so he can give
Özil a run out in front of the away support. If necessary he has him on the
bench to inspire a winning finish.

Wenger will start Özil
against Marseille during the week. The Champions League is a well know for him
so it will be easier to get link up play up and running.

It has been pretty much all
Özil the past week so let’s focus on the team for now and make him a decisive
part of it. See you next week when the Özil watch continues.




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