Arsene Wenger should forget Thomas Vermaelen, Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker and make Mathieu Flamini the next Arsenal captain


Missing in action

May 5th 2008 was a sad day in Arsenal’s history. It was the beginning of the end for the (In my opinion) best Arsenal squad since the Invincibles (current squad excluded). Monsieur Mathieu signed for AC Milan.

Mathieu Flamini 10

Many fans, at the time, felt he had left too soon, stating that after four seasons at Arsenal he had finally found his role in the team.

Many fans, at the time, were pissed off, stating he’d let his contract run down so he could cash in on a Bosman.

Me, at the time, I was annoyed. During the preceding season Matty had struck up a partnership with Cesc, which, given more time, could have been as effective as Paddy and the Porn Star.

Flamini and Fabregas

He should’ve/could’ve stayed; things could’ve/should’ve been great.

In April 2009 whilst on his Italian sabbatical Signor Flamini, in an interview with the Beeb said:

“Arsenal are in my heart and they will be in my heart forever, I will always be an Arsenal fan and leaving was not easy.”

And on 29th August 2013, Pointy Shouty Matty proved that to be true by resigning for the Arsenal.

But he wasn’t the big name signing that everyone was calling for, the Twitteratzee were underwhelmed and many deemed the signing as Arsene Wenger being tight with the purse strings as usual. I personally thought he was, at best, a good squad signing.
At first, Wenger was even unsure:

“I must say I was reluctant to sign him again, but he was so honest in his statement that he wants to play the kind of football we play, that he wants to help us to win. He convinced me through his attitude and his desire in training that he will be the right signing for us,”

Arsene also added:

“First of all I believe that he realised what he had here. When you’re very young, it is difficult to understand what he had at Arsenal.”

Mathieu Flamini 11

Since returning, Matt has proved the doubters wrong and proved himself right, that he shouldn’t left in the first place.

Over the last two seasons, Arsenal have struggled when a preened, serene hole is left when Mikel Arteta has been unavailable. So far this season, Arsenal have looked a lesser team when a pointy shouty hole appears in front of the defense.


To the point that, even with the signing of Mesut Özil and the revelation that is Aaron Ramsey, the first name on the team sheet (In my opinion) is Mathieu Flamini. He marshals, he shouts, he points, he protects, he does the dirty work to allow Özil, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Rambo and the rest, to do the beautiful stuff.

With this abundance of midfielders at our disposal and the imminent return of Lukas Podolski, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Le Boss is left with a conundrum.

Who is the Leader of the pack?

The Verminator Thomas Vermaelen isn’t getting near a starting place and his captain of vice, Micky, may not be an automatic pick. Who gets to trade the pendant at the coin toss? Per Mertesacker, the BFG, has taken this mantle of late, but he’s too nice, too polite to be the leader.

Personally, you need an in your face, no nonsense, orders barking, enforcer, with unfinished business and a point to prove. Oh and someone who has actually won something with the Arsenal.

Mathieu Flamini 12

So I give you: Captain Matt…

TheSundayMorningGooner: The Anglo Aussie One

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Steve Wellmington

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  1. john October 29, 2013 at 3:01 pm #

    that team from 2008 was just mesmerizing! I was watching highlights and the way they play is incredible. Fabregas and flamini were amazing the middle of the park while, hleb and Rosicky were equally as incredible on the wings. Honestly, that team in my opinion is the team that played football the best! The invincibles were more direct and more effective and obviously better but no team played better football than that 2008 arsenal team.

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