Please come in Mr Klopp!

Is this our man?

Is this our man?

Saturday evening, straight after the final whistle, fans were already voicing their opinions on the internet; among all kind of delicate words threw at Arsène Wenger, one clear message was directed to the board: bring Jürgen Klopp in!

Replace the old Frenchman with the passionate, beardy German fellow who is doing wonders at Borussia Dortmund.

He’ll be our savior!

The guy runs tirelessly around the technical area, loves heavy-metal music, shouts a lot to his players and – most notably – hates a long coat, especially when zips do not work.

He hates suits, as well, which makes him a real rock star.

He must be the right man to take our Club to the next level.

I mean, if it weren’t for the mighty Bayern Munich, he would have surely won a handful of Bundesliga titles and at least one Champions League trophy.

The poor man had to surrender to financial power of one single rival – the only one, basically – and his team was affected by so many injuries to his star players that any neutral fan felt sorry for him.


I feel sorry for him; he spent five years fighting for trophies that his only rival was somehow buying.

After three years spent seeing his best players leaving the Club to join his fiercest rival, he’s fed-up and he is perfectly right to feel like that.

Who on Earth would accept to nurture young, promising players, turn them into great professionals only to see him turning their backs and move to richer, more powerful Clubs?

I mean, accepting that and having to cope with rebuilding duties for three long years would be too much for any other manager in the world, I hope you agree.


He had to imagine solutions which at times looked very, very audacious like buying an unproven centre forward and play him in the hole, asking his best player – and creative force of his team – to move on the periphery of the game, on the left wing; he had to replace his star men with unknown players, brought in before the mighty Bayern Munich could notice them.

Of course, that costed points and eventually titles – but would you blame him?

Spending three years fighting a more powerful, healthier rival would suck all the energy out of any manager in the world.

It’s no surprise he wants to quit Dortmund and the very competitive Bundesliga, where his team currently lies in the 16th rank and is fighting for survival.

Obviously it is down to injuries, new players having to adapt, new formation being setup and maybe a squad not 100% complete.

Again, would you really point your finger at a man like Jürgen Klopp for a bad spell?


He won two back-to-back titles, on German Cup and a couple of Community Shields in five years – as well as being runner-up in the Champions League.

That’s great achievement for a Club like Borussia Dortmund, especially at domestic level where Jürgen Klopp’s men had to deal with Paderborn, Mainz, Borussia Monchengladbach and Schalke 04.


Once he’ll be at Arsenal – and hopefully that will happen very soon – he’ll have a fair better life in England compared to Germany: no more frustrations because of unbalanced financial power between rivals; no more players leaving to get more money elsewhere; no more 55 games-long seasons full of stress.

He’ll find some rest in the Premier League, having to deal with Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool (plus Everton and Tottenham, obviously) as well as European campaign, FA Cup and Capital One Cup.

He’ll surely appreciate how English media do not put pressure on managers – especially those arriving with great expectations – and how much they love to have a go at the Arsenal, most of the time.


And the fans!

He’ll love the atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium!

So noisy, so involved, so ready to support the manager!

Well, it’s not quite like your former fans – who publicly supported you during some very troubled times – but I can confirm you will hear their voices.


Black and Yellows turning on their man?

Black and Yellows turning on their man?

Well, maybe saying you will read their “social” tirades is more appropriate.


Please, come in Mr. Klopp.


2 Responses to Please come in Mr Klopp!

  1. Anicoll5 November 26, 2014 at 10:00 am #

    Very fair comment, especially after Pepe showed himself to be utterly ‘clueless’ last night.

    • AndreaR November 26, 2014 at 11:03 am #

      Indeed Anicoll5,

      players and managers become clueless so quickly – even several times within the same game!

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