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Arsene Who?

Seasons don’t fear the reaper and Gooners shouldn’t fear change! – The Times they are a-Changin’

Given our all too predictable self-imploding demise this campaign we have seen our manager’s future come back into question. The Old Trafford debacle and Swansea shower seemed to break more straws on more camel’s backs than ever before. Then in the aftermath of such collapses comes the usual concerns with changing Le Prof. People voice […]

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Brighton, Tactics and not getting carried away cos Villa may not score but they don’t concede either!

Captain’s Log, Star-date 1,0,7,9 point 2. Does anyone know whose time measurement this actually is? Having survived my first sexual experience with the Klingon, (I can’t pronounce her name so I’m gonna call her Shirley) she’s now challenged me to a Bach-Ta! I thought I’d check what it was with Uhura this time. It turns out […]

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It is the week of Cazorla & Coquelin but is this due to Wenger taking tactical advice from Thierry Henry?

Captain’s Log, star-date 1,1,7,9 point something. I’d been challenged to a Kruz-Na! by the Captain of a Klingon ship and I was ready to fight her to the death, but it turns out that a Kruz-Na! isn’t a battle, it’s something else…something dirty…     Manchester City   I said last week that a draw […]

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