After the NLD Apocalypse just remember its 19 YEARS since they finished above us.

If I hear the phrase ‘You’ve been caught by the Hurri-Kane’ one more time, I will swing for someone. Honestly.

Yes The Spuds won. Yes we were outplayed. The Spuds came out with a game plan & I’m afraid to say, it worked.

After 20 minutes, we had 11 men behind the ball, full backs that couldn’t get out off our third with the ball, a defence that weren’t getting any rest-bite from the ball, a midfield that weren’t getting a second on the ball & were second to every ball & a strike force that didn’t see the ball.

Basically, it was a Balls Up, but we will get over it, we will right our wrongs on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning for us guys) & we will meet the base requirement of 4th place.

As usual Twitter exploded with the usual post apocalyptic meltdown at the team & Wenger, but a deep breath is required. We lost, Sh!te (Hart Lane) happens & it means more to them than us. I mean, you’d think they’d just won the Champions League the way the Tiny Totts celebrated. And the clammer for the Der Hipster, is again, premature.

For 1 season, Klopp has had to deal with the triple threat of; losing his best player, a bucket load of injuries & an opposition who have more money than sense & Dortmund currently languish bottom of the Bundesliga. Wenger has dealt with this for the past 10 years & he’s never failed in achieving Champions League qualification.

So let the Spuds have their very brief foray out of the dark & let them enjoy their DVD ‘THFC: Our Cup Final’ (available in all good bargain buckets on Monday).

Remember; They’ve finished below us for 19 years. We’ve won the league at Sh!te Hart Lane, twice. Sol Campbell has won the Double. And, we’ve won the league in colour.


When that changes, we’ll talk. Until then, pipe down, enjoy the glimpse of daylight & trot off back to Middlesex.

As Example, sort of wrote, a few years back;

Been playing in our shadow, 50 years long,

They try playing with big boys, it all goes wrong,

They keep trying to claim London but we know the real score

You’ll find them in our shadow,

Spurs always in our shadow,

We’ll be looking down on The Spuds (as usual) come May 24th.

In the meantime enjoy the Away Boyz ’19’ and SMILE to yourself and feel superior!! 


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