Buy, buy. Why, why? All that glitters is not gold…

Bright and sparkly isn’t always better.

The world, his wife and their newborn Labradoodle are calling for Arsene to spend the spare £50 mill in his sky rocket replace Ollie with a worldie striker.

It's Giroud's fault...

It’s Giroud’s fault…

In my dealings on Twitter in the past week, I recalled a conversation slating OG12 as being a £12m striker and therefore he needed to be replaced by a £30m + striker to bring us up in the ability and credibility stakes.

Harsh I felt, as the size of the package paid for the striker is irrelevant, it’s what they do with it that counts.

OG using the whole package

OG using the whole package

Also, is Ollie really justified for all the criticism, I mean, in 99 games for The Arsenal he’s scored 42 goals, that’s pretty bloody good especially when compared with the so called £30m+ bracket players:
Christian Benteke (£32.5m) 42 goals in 88 appearances for Villa
(I’m not claiming Benteke is world class, it’s all about the money)
Karim Benzema (£48m, quoted fee) 87 in 188 (for Madrid)
Robert Lewandowski (£50m?) 93 in 164 (in Germany)
All around the 1 in 2 bracket, so are much of an upgrade?

Upgrades or just the sames?

Upgrades or just the sames?

Also, this time last year, Falcao, alongside Cavani, was one the must have strikers on the planet. Now he’s only getting loan deals cos no-one to risk losing a Russian oilfield to buy him and watch him get splinters earning £300k a week.

Bright and sparkly, isn't always better.

Bright and sparkly, isn’t always better.

OG’s game isn’t just about banging in the goals.
He provides the link up play for the interchanging attacking midfielders, with  decent stats of 100 chances created over the 3 full seasons.
It’s not his fault they don’t always turn into assists.

Which leads seamlessly to (?) my final point, yes I believe we need another forward to bolster the squad and yes whomever it is, it’s gonna cost in excess of £30m, but he shouldn’t be to replace Ollie, he should be to support or provide an alternative.

But with under a week to go until the money has to burn Arsene’s pocket until January, the chances of anyone driving along the M4 from Heathrow are looking slim to none.

Benzema seen in a London bar?

Benzema seen in a London bar?

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6 Responses to Buy, buy. Why, why? All that glitters is not gold…

  1. maz August 25, 2015 at 12:49 pm #

    Giroud is not bad, no 1 said he is bad….
    But we need a partner for him…
    Dere r gud days n bad, injuries, out of form, 4 running tournaments, so who is d alternative????
    Coq ain’t bad but neither is he great…we need a real enforcer..
    Arteta n flamini r past their prime…
    But doesn’t d fool Wenger understand dis???
    Jus compare our team wid d likes of man c n Chelsea…pathetic..4th again

    • John Abraham August 25, 2015 at 3:26 pm #

      Great analysis and I agree with what you said. Oliver and Coq do need partners in the same positions to add more depth to the squad. But to hear many Arsenal fans tell it, Arsenal will go nowhere this year unless we add a Benzema or Cavan i. If we can get them, fine. If not, we csn still challenge for the tittle. It is early days yet in the EPL. Oh Maz, only FOOLISH people call professionals foolish when they don’t know a fig on the subject they are talking about. You are a Coach, or are you Maz? Let us show Arsene some respect. Criticise without been rude eh?

  2. Me August 25, 2015 at 12:59 pm #

    So now we are justifying the manager’s lack of ambition?
    Arsenal were clearly not good enough to win the Premiership last season and anyone who thinks that by adding a 33 year old keeper who has not played for over a year is going to change that is clearly kidding themselves.
    Arsenal need additions regardless of what silly statistics people publish – our poor start to the season has confirmed that..

  3. John Abraham August 25, 2015 at 1:32 pm #

    While it is obvious than we need partners for Oliver and Coq, I do not think they are ‘bad’ in the real sense of the word. We just need more depth that’s all. The analysis is good for better understanding of our situation. Oh Maz, only FOOLS call other people fools especially when they are talking about a profession about which they know nothing. I assume you are no it a coach Maz?. So, please show some respect to Wenger. PLEASE???

  4. Astro August 25, 2015 at 2:04 pm #

    well a nice post not centered on buying a top striker but just a supporting one on like Ryan on his post Giroud is a big game flop. whenever we loss or draw we keep calling for more players to b brought in but let not forget that the like of Diego Costa, Falacao and Rooney are yet to score despite the top class players surrounding them in there respective club. Aguero just have a goal or 2 so far and recall the man city game against Chelsea Aguero should have scored up to 6 goals but at the end he only managed a goal and does that make him a weak striker? so why do we keep blaming Giroud when the team is not playing well.

    yes we need a supporting striker to assist him if one can be gotten. so post I came across are blaming Wenger that he didn’t go for Pedro while he was available.

    so please let support Giroud and the same pray and hope that we get someone that can assist him to a top striker we use to have in the like kano, Henry, RVP etc

  5. Linda August 25, 2015 at 3:26 pm #

    Where is Piers Morgan with his tweets telling the world Benzema is coming. For a man claiming to be a shareholder, I find his attitude, knowledge and mouth revolting and destabilizing. This is a man who openly attacked Ramsey in a sustained manner calling for his sacking. Whenever he he mentions Wenger he is calling for his sacking, he has attacked Ozil, Giroud and many others. He is worse than Mourinho because he attacks from the inside.

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