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Welcome to the Magic Roundabout: Arsenal’s transfer dizziness begins

It’s that’s time of year, it’s mid June, the transfer window is open and the Magic Roundabout is here again. Dougal wakes up and proclaims to the world “The Arsenal will sign Jesus tomorrow. He is on a plane back from Brazil as we speak. His medical is this afternoon, he will be announced to […]

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Confidence is everything in football and a Confident Giroud scores goals – Gooners you know what to do!

Get off Giroud’s back and help him rebuild his confidence The fallout has descended from what was a frustrating transfer window to say the least, constant links with star strikers across the world were short lived as we became the only club in Europe’s top five leagues not to sign an outfield player – for […]

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giroud liverpool

“Striker Crisis!”: Arsenal fans missing the point – blaming Giroud achieves nothing.

Arsenal fans are missing the point over striker crisis – blaming Giroud achieves nothing. The outcry over Arsenal’s attacking prowess this week has been so demonstrably ill-proportioned that I can’t quite believe it has happened. Wave after wave of unreasonable attacks unleashed upon Olivier Giroud have left a sour taste in the mouth of everybody […]

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Defending Ollie: He’s not the best of the best, but the best we can afford.

I’m not really sure what to make of Ryan’s blog that was up earlier. I’ll delve briefly into the reasons why we didn’t win that match against Liverpool and, in general, a defense of Olivier Giroud. This blog will be quite long, so please bear with me. Of course, this is all my opinion. There […]

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Upgrades or just the sames?

Buy, buy. Why, why? All that glitters is not gold…

Bright and sparkly isn’t always better. The world, his wife and their newborn Labradoodle are calling for Arsene to spend the spare £50 mill in his sky rocket replace Ollie with a worldie striker. In my dealings on Twitter in the past week, I recalled a conversation slating OG12 as being a £12m striker and […]

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OG 7

Sad but true: Giroud is a big game flop. Here’s proof.

This is not an immediate overreaction to a disappointing result against a top club. (which sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it?) Instead, it’s frustration that can no longer be contained and must be released to prevent a heart attack. Arsenal’s desperate need to buy a new striker is so apparent that my American father, who knows […]

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I'd like to see Rosicky get more game-time - especially against Sp*rs!

Are Arsenal Ready To Win The League? An Honest Assessment

So, Where Are We Really? The silly season is almost over. So, where does Arsenal stand in comparison to our major competitors in the Premier League? Arsenal signed a top goalkeeper in Petr Cech, with Wojciech Szczesny exiting on loan to Roma, and David Ospina and Emi Martinez remaining to deputize. Ospina and Martinez are likely, […]

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Showdown! Giroud v Benzema: which forwards will take Arsenal Forward?

Some tweets showed up on my timeline yesterday comparing Benzema’s goals scored/matches played versus Giroud over the last few years. The premise for the tweet was apparently someone saying Benzema at €40m was steep and that the player wasn’t really better than Giroud. The numbers shared actually gave that impression. If I have any regular […]

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Can Sczcesny come good?

Arsenal’s Summer Shopping List – it’s longer than you thought…

    It’s that time of the year again. Though the transfer window will only open in 6 weeks, the transfer mill is already churning out rumours and boasting actual signings. Depay will start next season in United colours after the Red Devils bought him for a ridiculous £31 million and Dybala (our long-rumoured target) […]

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The Best No. 10 On The Planet Is Nearing His Best

You sold Bale and we signed Mesut Ozil, Mesut Ozil, Mesut f***ing Ozil!!  Honestly having been a huge fan of his before I even thought it was possible he could play for my club, I still rub my eyes in disbelief that he sports the mighty red kit of Arsenal!   What a player he […]

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