Maureen’s like a 12-year-old at a school disco.

Obsessive compulsive

Obsessive compulsive

The one who wishes he was King!

I know that a lot of my recent blogs have been regarding the comedic antics of everyone’s favourite clown Maureen, but he makes such bloody good copy !!!

The self appointed ‘Chosen One’ seems to spend more time in his pressers waxing lyrical about Arsene and less about the Chavs and their woes.

One might even say it’s verging on obsessive compulsive

The latest round of questioning was swiftly turned around to his favourite topic with consummate ease, with the following response

“You know who. The one who can speak about the referees before the game, after the game, can push people in the technical area, can moan, can cry in the morning in the afternoon, nothing happens. He can not achieve; keep his job, still be the king.”

King Arsene
Maureen is beginning to remind me of myself at 12 years old at my first school disco. I’d find the girl I liked, run up to her, give her a dead arm, run away to the other side of the hall and hope she’d come looking for me for the last song fumble.

That didn’t work for me then and even though Arsene is now single, I’m guessing it won’t work for Maureen now.

I’ve heard from my sources (down the pub) that Arsene’s response is to be as follows;

“He speaks and he speaks and he speaks about Arsenal. He is always speaking about other families. Being a voyeur is a sickness. Now and again you have to speak about your opponents, you have to answer a few things, it’s part of the game.”

You have to put pressure on and send a message and the message is……

F U Maureen


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2 Responses to Maureen’s like a 12-year-old at a school disco.

  1. chris September 28, 2015 at 8:54 am #

    The Chelski team has surely been reflecting Maureen’s own sullen mood. He did not get all the toys he demanded and mainly has to manage with the same lot that from last season that cost a huge fortune.

  2. Antique Gunmen September 28, 2015 at 11:32 am #

    Obsessive compulsive? That’s new good one to describe Jose. Me, I called him the one and only football politician in world of football. Looks like he has been distracting by his own weapon (his BIG mouth), and not even realize it. I thought Chelsea was going to get their momentum after 2-0 won against us, hilariously they didn’t. Sit in 15th, Jose and his side were losing focus. He cried about his main actor banned, his truly manifestation on the field. Just watch Diego Costa and you know Jose’s football philosophy. Jose is a voyeur and hypocrate man .In simple word, he’s an eternal CNUT. Hahaha..

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