Arsenal top of the league, but who is top of the moaners?

Support Arsenal and enjoy the ride

Just when you thought it was safe to believe….The Arsenal rollercoaster starts up again.We beat Chelsea, then lose to The Hammers.We beat United, then lose to West Brom.We beat City, then we lose to Southampton.

Rock bottom

The team has been playing to its maximum ability over the past few and has received the plaudits that they deserved. But as usual, as soon as influences outside the club start lauding the team, praise seems to get to us, we start believing the hype and wallop, we come back to earth with a bang.

Saturday was a prime example of this.
Following a calculated result against City, the press installed The Arsenal as favourites for the title.
Things then swung even further in our direction.
United imploded again.
The Foxes lost only their second game of the season and The Arsenal could move to top of the pile.

We arrived on the south coast, expecting The Saints to roll over and play possum and to walk away with 3 points. Instead, we were undone by a screamer and a team that were willing to put the effort in to get the result.
We started steady, slowed up, ran out of ideas and got overrun all over the park.

Obviously, injuries are a factor as well. The starting XI is the best we have at present and resting players isn’t really an option. (Although Arsene did mix it up on Monday)
Joel is a good player but he can’t replace Alexis for long periods.
Flamini does a job (when’s he’s not solving the world renewable energy problems) but asking him to deputise for Le Coq long term is too much.
Ollie can bang in the goals, but expecting one player to be on point all season is unrealistic.

Doing his best

January is nearly upon us and the injuries keep extending (We are unlikely to see Jack or Wellbeck before August). Arsene needs to invest in a DCM, a CF and a wide player to enable the team to live up to the hype.

Then along came Monday, a bit of Mesut Magic and the rollercoaster ride was complete.

Oh and P.S. can someone please shoot Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan tweet 1


If you can’t support the team when they lose, don’t bother !!!

Support your team

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One Response to Arsenal top of the league, but who is top of the moaners?

  1. DEW December 29, 2015 at 11:58 am #

    Complacency also plays some negative role at Arsenal. Anyways, it is great result against BOU yesterday

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