8 Top Pundits Pick The Premier League Winners in May …. And the 2016 Winner is…

And the 2016 winner is…..

It’s the start of a new year and in keeping with tradition, I thought I would ask some well known football brains their predictions for the rest of the season.

Firstly, I tracked down Maureen in a swanky west end wine bar; spending his redundancy money;
TheSundayMorningGooner – “Who will win the Premier League?”
Maureen “Me, I am the greatest, now stop asking stupid questions. I have nothing more to say”



The next on my list was everyone’s favourite race relation rep John Terry.
“John, who do you believe will win the title?”
JT – “Well, Chelsea have 20 points, there are 19 games left, therefore Chelsea will finish with 77 points, no other teams will pick up any points between now and May and Chelsea will win the title by 38 points. And if they don’t, I will be there to pick the title up for who ever wins it”



I found Garth Crooks wandering aimlessly around the BBC.
“Garth, your view on the potential title winners”
GC – “Football will be the winner, especially if you play my innovative 3-1-1-5 formation.”


LVG was next in the firing line (excuse the pun)
“If they play my way, to my rules and my tactics, Manchester will. I am a tactical genius you know, I substituted my goalie before a penalty shootout. Now I leave”



I caught up will Phil Neville. He is difficult to find in the shadow of his brother.
“Phil, can I have your thoughts on who will be top of the pile come May”
PN – “Ummm, Whoever Gary said”



I got some tips that ‘Arry Redknapp was hanging around a service station on the M1 and he gave me his answer through the window of his Range Rover.

“Who do you want to win and how big is your brown envelope?”



Alan Hansen took time out from MOTD to respond to my queries.
“Well it will come down to the team with the most points at the end of the season and the team that is willing to give 110% between now and May. It’s a game of two halves and the team that finishes second will be as sick as a parrot.”



And finally, Piers Morgan heard there was a chance he could read about his opinion and so he decided to tweet me;
“Arsenal will win the title if;
1 Wenger is sacked
2 We buy Benzema, lewandowski, pogba, messi and Ronaldo
3 Wenger is sacked
4 We play a 0 0 10 formation
5 We never ever ever ever ever lose another game, ever.
6 Wenger is sacked”


So there you have it,
Happy New Year from TheSundayMorningGooner


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