Carlo Ancelotti – The Perfect successor to Arsene Wenger?

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Mr. Wenger is now 67, and in a sense Arsenal  have to make plans for his succession, given his age.

However, would Carlo Ancelotti be a valid replacement? I believe so at the least.

He is 57 years old, though this shouldn’t be a major hindrance to hiring him.

Ancelotti can bring:

  • A major record at top clubs. He has won big trophies at Chelsea, AC Milan and Real Madrid, so he knows what it takes to succeed at large world clubs.
  • An admiration of Arsenal, our ethos, our style, and of Mr. Wenger. He has said for a while that he thinks we underachieve, and whilst he is right, he respects Mr. Wenger’s achievements and Arsenal as a club overall. Like other managers, he praised Wenger for his recent 20th anniversary, but said it’s a shame we go out in the early rounds of Champions league often. Is this a coded way of saying “I can do better for you, Arsenal”?
  • He plays sexy football, but is able to mix things up tactically. Sexy football is the Wenger brand and the Arsenal brand, and now ingrained into our cultural DNA. But then Ancelotti also plays good football, though he is able to integrate good tactical planning also. For Wenger Outs, this is often cited as a major flaw in Wenger’s approach.
Track record of success

Track record of success

  • He can identify and coach top players. This goes without saying, given his tenures at many top world clubs.
  • Arsenal doesn’t need a young manager like Klopp or Guardiola. Managerial appointments must fit into the strategy, mission, and structure of a club. Liverpool has been poor for some years, due to a mix of reasons, and needs Klopp to develop things from the ground up. We must note they had some severe financial issues only five years ago, and only now are recovering now that Henry has taken over. Liverpool is a rich club, but not on our level, nor certainly City or United’s levels, and needs a long-term building plan in place both on and off the pitch.

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Guardiola is critical to Man City’s desire to build a lasting legacy, and develop young talents to come into the team for many years to come. The Qatari owners don’t want to bankroll it forever, and this is why Vieira was installed as their Director of Football. Pep also has nurtured talent at Barca, the likes of Messi and Iniesta, and is a manager who can build long-term projects from smaller foundations. Even Spurs and Pochettino is an example of this, since it’s about constructing and sustaining a long-term platform.  Levy identified Pochettino specifically for this role.

Pep bought into to build a club where Arsenal's is bulit

Pep bought into to build a club where Arsenal’s is bulit

We don’t need that, to be succinct. We have a big stadium, an excellent youth system/academy, a global brand, and a firm holistic foundation. Tottenham need their manager to suit their position, as do City and Liverpool.  We haven’t had Liverpool’s financial issues, nor do we want to be a top club like Spurs. We also as stated have an academy, which still is producing top talent (Iwobi/Bellerin) and has in the past. Our position really is to get a manager of tenure, to help us win the league and Champions League through getting world class players and implementing sound tactics. A seasoned manager of high-renown, like Ancelotti, is perfect in that capacity.

The alternative

The alternative

Simeone is also prominent, and I’d take him in a snap. The points specified above can also apply to Simeone at any time. Though Ancelotti is an oft-overlooked candidate in my honest opinion, and even if he came at age 60, he could give us a further five years potentially of his expertise.

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One Response to Carlo Ancelotti – The Perfect successor to Arsene Wenger?

  1. B. Lang May 13, 2017 at 10:10 pm #

    You’re missing one very important attribute for Ancelotti. He’s a past master at adapting to the players he’s got. Rarely do you see him agitating to spend big moaney; he wins Champions Leagues with the players already at his disposal.. NOBODY else in the list of ‘top’ managers does this.

    Furthemore he’s such a damn nice guy; seems to get on with evrybody andd STILL wins trophies.

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