“I’m already at a very, very big club” – why this Arsenal warrior won’t leave

Another who understands…


Equipe: Before I leave you in peace, let’s talk a bit about your future. You’re under contract until June 2019 with Arsenal. They never say anything about the dates, but, well, that’s what it is in theory. Do you dream of spending your whole career here? Or are you dreaming even higher, even bigger?

Le Coq: “Even higher, even bigger?! That doesn’t leave me with very many clubs. I think I’m already at a very, very big club. And I’m a person who is loyal to my club, I came here very young, I owe them a lot. So from the moment things are done well, my inclination is to stay at Arsenal for as long as possible. But then there has to be that desire on both sides. But spending the rest of my career at Arsenal would make me very proud.”

Coquelin Loyal

And another who didn’t.


Ca$hley Co£e

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