Surely Wenger MUST start with pace v Hull and only use Giroud as a Plan B is that fails?

Power and Pace from the off

Hello Guys, would like to start by saying it’s been a crazy week and it’s nice to be able to of given this platform by the guys at Gunners Town to say my piece on a weekly basis. Hope you all enjoy.

As you may or may not know, I am an avid Wenger out as I believe he has taken us as far as he can, check my Q  & A with Dave for reasons for this.

Anyway, onto the weekend. I cannot recall the last time I was least looking forward to a match. The last week of results have really drained me, and taken any excitement for the rest of the season out of me. Watford was the tipping point, Chelsea just another inevitable failure that we have seen for year upon year. They’ve proved nothing has changed. The lack of fight, belief and strength running through our team is there for all to see, and as a fan, it is hard to have those traits at present as well.

It has almost come to a numbness, just a lack of feeling anything towards Arsene and the club anymore. I have been through the anger stage; been through the disappointment stage, been through constantly hoping and wishing things would be different. Now it just seems inevitable how each season will pan out and we keep being proved right. Where do we go from here? A battle for fourth is of no interest to me.

Saturday will be interesting. Although us fans know the title has gone, will there be any sort of response from the players? Can Wenger actually manage to motivate them for the rest of the season to save some pride? We will see. How much are they behind him? It certainly won’t be an easy game, football wise. Hull’s new manager seems to have injected belief and positivity around the club (be careful what you wish for, huh?) and the results have followed. 4 points from United away and Liverpool at home, I think even Arsine would struggle to get that! He’s got them organised and as I said, believing that they can stay in this league. A team high in confidence against a team on floor, worrying.

Hull improving as win over LFC showed

We have been struggling at home for weeks and as such perhaps the Watford result had been long overdue. Scrapping last minute goals and results, papering over cracks. When was the last time anyone walked out of the Emirates saying, “Yes, we actually played well today”?  I honestly cannot think of many since Chelsea, and that was ages ago. The usual slow start, lack of atmosphere and the flatness. The same team selection flaws and lack of game management from the manager. A pure lack of a plan to break these sides down, its very worrying and id go as far to say it has become boring to watch.

Sorry Ollie but Plan B for me

We know we play best with power and pace, so I for one am hoping he goes with Welbeck, Alexis and Theo on Saturday. We have all seen how good Danny has been since his return, and we know how with Alexis upfront we can tear teams apart. Surely, it is much better starting this way and if it fails, we can bring Giroud on later on in the game. If the opposition drops, deeper and deeper if the game has not gone our way that is when we need to go long and get crosses in the box. This makes more sense than starting with Giroud then bringing on pace when there is no space in behind because the opposition is defending so deeply? I have never understood that from Arsene.

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