Hindsight is B.tch but oh the Irony if Bayern Buying Gnabry ends their interest in Alexis

Ever get the feeling you have been had?

12 months ago

Arsenal were playing 4231

Theo and Ox were the first two choices for the right wing berth

Iwobi was emerging as Alexis’s cover

Serge had returned from a disastrous loan under Spulis

Arsenal sold Serge to Werder Bremen for a pittance, with rumours that Bayern had (illegally?) funded the deal

Great season at Bremen

12 months later…

Serge scores a hat full in his first full season in a top-flight league

Serge scores a hat trick on his full international debut

Arsenal covert to 343, realise that Theo doesn’t fit the system and that Serge would be perfect as cover for either wide striker

Bayern buy Serge for the same pittance



Hindsight is a bitch!!!!

Well maybe this might stop Bayern’s interest in Alexis, maybe…

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