Jeremy Wenger or Arsene Corbyn?



It’s a few days now after the UK’s general election. Whilst the Tories won a majority of seats, the Labour Party led by noted Gooner Jeremy Corbyn, did better than anticipated. Funnily enough, he is not only a Gooner, but is the club’s local MP, as the Emirates is in his own constituency.

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Corbyn is a noted Wenger In, as is incidentally the Speaker of the House of Commons Jon Bercow. However, has his career aped that of Wenger’s over the past year? Maybe it’s just me, but there are some key similarities between the two over the past twelve months:


Wenger – He has been harassed by opposition managers, and his own fans and the media. He’s been deemed a dinosaur and a has-been by many.

Corbyn – He has been harassed by the PM and her party, members of his own party, and the media. He was deemed out of touch, past it, and a has-been.

Falling behind rivals

Wenger – Started off the season well, but had some bad defeats and made bad errors that cost him. By February/March, questions were asked about his tenure, and he was behind Tottenham and Chelsea in the league.

Corbyn – Had done well to manage his leadership challenge, but then had some by-election defeats, and by Feb/March was behind Mrs. May in the opinion polls by some margin.

Masters of Spin?


Wenger – Had changed his formation, and by May was on the verge of making the Champions League places. He lost out, and ended up in fifth place behind Liverpool, but then had a glorious FA Cup win at Wembley.

Corbyn – Capitalised on some bad campaign planning by the Tories, and managed to get 40% of the popular vote and not lose as badly as anticipated. With the Conservative/DUP voting agreement, and May being discredited for calling an election, he may even do better in the near future.

So if Corbyn could potentially even be PM within the next year, would the parallel continue and Wenger win us the League or better? We will see. He is already setting a precedent, since he’s already ahead in the polls.  Even if voted and didn’t vote Labour, I hope for Arsenal’s sake this parallel continues.

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