Time for Wenger to Rediscover his Transfer Window Mojo and dust of the Arsenal Cheque Book

Club hand Wenger and open cheque book??


It is that time of year

We all relish yet fear

The window wide open but the cheque book is shut

Arsenal want him, have bid and then but…

I could have signed him last year before he was great

Well thanks for that Arsene but now it’s too late

I knew his parents I watched him in the youth

However, he now plays for the Champions, so where is your proof?

It is the fans fault they only want me to sign a big name

No Arsene just those with the talent to play our game

But this year will be different we are on a new page

No longer tied to the socialist wage

Ivan said we could compete with the big boys but that was back then

Sadly, we have not, so the question is when?

No longer at Europe’s top table are we feeding of scraps

Or can you still entice the Lemar’s and Mbappe’s?

Are you still a draw for Europe’s top talent

Or will last year’s fifth place make you lament?

With no Champion’s League, your persuasion is key

But so are the wages on offer that is plain to see

We hope they play for the honour and trophies for sure

But without the top trophy on offer, you need to pay more

Can you convince whom we need of your two-year plan?

Of a path back to glory for which you are the man

We hope you can and will prove us all wrong

Yet most have their doubts having waited so long

Just remember it is your legacy but it is not your money

Just pay what it takes cos low bids are not funny

If it takes a world record fee to sign who you need

Just do it now, without delay and with speed

For once, have your squad ready before the season begins

Do not wait for the end and look in the bargain bins

Think big, we are The Arsenal and we are the best

You tell them Arsene what we say to the rest

A two-year vision of the league and then Europe to begin

Britain may be leaving but the Gunners want back in

Sign who we need with the club’s cash and your charm

Last chance saloon for you so please chance your arm

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The readers are fed up at my pathetic attempts at prose

So Arsene don’t make me come back when the window is closed

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One Response to Time for Wenger to Rediscover his Transfer Window Mojo and dust of the Arsenal Cheque Book

  1. Me June 14, 2017 at 1:40 pm #

    He should have gone years ago but like all old farts seems to linger.
    May be fate and nature will do us all the biggest of favours…

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