We go again – The 2017/18 AFC Roller-Coaster of Anticipation, Optimism, Disappointment and Dashed Hope!

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We Go Again

Life can be straightforward for a football fan, when he/she lives it in seasons rather than calendar years, like regular people do.
What does a season comprise of, for your average football fan? It starts with hope which transcends to excitement, nervousness, short lived euphoria, disappointment, renewed hope, despair and finally ending with either something to write home about or nothing to remember.

And then followed by the off-season, reserved for your arm chair fans to share their rather expert opinions on how to run a football club. That’s something a clear majority of Arsenal fans would relate to.

From wasting precious hours on social media debating fellow football fans who share contrasting opinions, to going into complete hibernation during the off-season, I’ve finally decided to get back to writing about the Arsenal, something I quite enjoy doing.

As I enter my 20th season as an Arsenal supporter, I still feel the same level of excitement and anxiety that I felt as a teenager looking forward to the new season.

Wenger's 1000th: a game to be forgotten

Wenger’s 1000th: a game to be forgotten

Having watched us win multiple premier league titles, which included a small matter of going unbeaten to sobbing like a child as we walked past the ever-elusive Champions League Trophy and the absolute nightmare of seeing us being taken apart at Old Trafford in 2011, and The Bridge in 2014 for Arsene’s 1000th Arsenal game in-charge, and finally cleansing ourselves off the drought period, it’s quite literally been a fabulous roller coaster ride for me.

I sometimes wonder, what if we’d won it that night on May 17th, 2006 in Paris? 13 minutes away from the club’s greatest ever night, an achievement that might have altered the trajectory of this football club. We’ll never know, I guess.

Click the image to win a 2016/17 Arsenal shirt signed by all the players .

Click to win a 2016/17 Arsenal shirt signed by all the players .

Of all the things that I’ve learnt and experienced during my time supporting the Arsenal, I think patience is that one virtue I have polished over time. As we enter our 14th season since we last won the league, I live with renewed hope and optimism for the new campaign.

With a lot of positive things to look forward to, including the signings of Kolasinac and Lacazette and retaining Sanchez (for now) and most importantly Wenger, I see no reason to be dejected.

I do feel sorry for the people who use this club to seek attention using their negative (pointless) views and make it look like there’s nothing beautiful about the beautiful game, at all. It is draining at times to see the levels to which people stoop to put their point across.

If you do not look forward to seeing the Arsenal play again on the lush green grass of the Grove, then maybe football is just not meant for you.

With this likely being Wenger’s last ever contract, I’m hoping for us to go all guns blazing and give the great man the farewell that he deserves.

We go again, as a football club, as a team, as a fan-base in our collective effort to see the mighty Arsenal rise again.

I’d like to end with this beautiful quote by our master of quotes Mr. Arsene Charles Ernest Wenger;

There is a kind of magic when men unite their energies to express a common idea. That is when sport becomes beautiful. The unhappiness of man comes, when he finds himself alone to fight against the problems he must face.

So, let us unite and get behind our team for yet another journey which I hope ends with our hands on our 14th league title.

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2 Responses to We go again – The 2017/18 AFC Roller-Coaster of Anticipation, Optimism, Disappointment and Dashed Hope!

  1. Roger G August 7, 2017 at 3:04 pm #

    Well written yes many of us step out side the fan base box here and there? forgetting together we stand divided we fall. another year another journey .may all our fans & gods go with us,

  2. Font August 7, 2017 at 8:26 pm #

    Well said it’s great to read love for the club

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