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A diamond in the shade: could this young talent follow in the footsteps of Henry and Bergkamp?

A diamond in the shade Two days ago I wrote a piece.  In the piece I stated that if it were me I’d focus on rebuilding the midfield in preparation for the next season. I stand by that. I suggested that we have an overload of highly talented young players scratching at the door and […]

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Arsenal non-British XI (All-Time): the greatest foreigners to have donned the Red and White

I did a British all-time XI a short while ago, featuring figures from the UK who helped us achieve great heights.     This piece now is the non-British all-time XI. My criterion here is all players who either played for non-UK national side (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), or were registered as non-British. Foreign […]

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Premier League Hall of Fame inductees – which Arsenal Managers/Players would you pick?

It finally happened. The Premier League has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, and rightly public health has trumped our commonly-loved past time. But there are other points to ponder – such as below.   The Premier League announced that they would have a hall of fame, and will announce two initial figures in […]

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Losing Kobe: a Gunner laments

“What,” you may ask, “…is a South African Gunner doing writing about the Black Mamba?” No – the answer isn’t a connection as tenuous as the fact that Kobe’s namesnake terrorizes my local sub-Saharan compatriots. It lies in the 16 years that I spent living in Los Angeles from 1996-2012, plying my trade as a […]

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Will he / won't he?

Wenger: Good Vs Evil: 22 years in the making

So it’s finally over and apparently Arsene’s replacement will be announced next week. There’s been highs and lows, ups and downs, good times and bad, success and disaster, beauty and the beast, sublime and the ridiculous. So I thought I’d look back at ‘The Wenger Years’ with the rest of the GunnersTown crew and compile: […]

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To get the best of Aubameyang Arsenal must learn from how they supplied Wrighty and Henry

Wright, Henry, PEA……how the past can affect the present I don’t like to compare past eras with the present, since every era has its own needs, circumstances, and challenges. We cannot look to the 1989, 1991, or 1998 teams as formulae of how to win the league now. The contexts of then and now are […]

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Wenger tactics

Wenger Don’t Do Tactics: Settling The Debate

A fellow contributor here, Mr. Dougie Cazorla, made a great piece on how Wenger does “do tactics”, but not well enough. I agree with his analysis in very large part. However, I think it is a valid criticism, albeit stretched and distorted somewhat. So, using my best colloquial/non-Standard English: is the notion that Wenger “don’t […]

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unhappy arsenal

Don’t Try Fix A Broken Team – Rather Fix The Thing That’s Breaking It: Wenger

In recent years I’ve lost count of the number of times that those of us in my continually expanding match day friendship group, have uttered the words “I’ve had a great day out, other than the game”. Unfortunately, those occasions have become increasingly more frequent and instead of being an enjoyable hobby, watching us has […]

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All-Time Greatest Arsenal Home-Grown XI vs Other Clubs XI – can you do better?

I’m sure there are many of you who like me, love to pick your all time best Arsenal eleven. Also like me, I bet you have trouble picking one legendary player over another. I’ve decided to do something a bit different in this piece. I’m going to pick two Arsenal sides with seven substitutions for […]

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Dixon and Adams

Fantasy signings: past players that could stop Arsenal’s plunge into obscurity

Cloning players from the past….who could do it in the current era and team? Comparing eras is a fallacy, really. The 1970s had its unique parameters that don’t apply now. They had really shitty pitches, but largely since 3G pitches didn’t exist, nor was the technology for virtually unbroken pitches widespread back then. It’s the […]

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