Why Wenger Needs to Go – In the Lexus Relentless Pursuit of Excellence Arsene’s Arsenal are a Toyota

From a Lexus to a Toyota

Why Wenger needs to go….

Part of the reason why I believe Wenger needs to go is about the relentless pursuit of excellence.

It’s also about my own experiences in a working/corporate environment.

Lexus used to have a slogan named “The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence”.

For me, this epitomises what a successful business, and football club, should be about.

Any job in any industry is based on the value it adds. A doctor should therefore make his or her patients better. A teacher should get his or her students high marks. A police officer should catch/apprehend as many criminals as possible. A politician should manage a country well, from its economy, social issues, infrastructure, and foreign policy.

Thus, a football manager should win as many games as possible, and also win trophies.

If he cannot do that, then he should go. In any job we do, we’re expected to show high standards in all that we do. If we don’t meet those standards, then we’re gone. The politician who wrecks the economy is voted out in an election. The teacher whose classes fail exams is called into question. So a football manager should be too.

Continuous mistakes

Mistakes happen. Nobody is perfect, after all.

But then if the same mistakes and errors are happening, then it’s not good. Something is wrong somewhere in the mix.

This is what is happening at Arsenal. We don’t strike while the iron is hot in transfer windows. We have the same persistently bad mentality in games. And we don’t seem to coach much, as we show the same defensive errors time and again.

In any other field, this would not be tolerated. And I’m sure Wenger knows/acknowledges this, since he is an intelligent fellow, and would know the demands of high-level work.

So with continuous mistakes, his job as manager cannot be tenable.


There is a malaise that pervades the club, and this is the root of the issue.

It’s not JUST Wenger, it’s also the board/Kroenke. But Wenger is responsible for team affairs, and he must take his share of the blame for this.

Again, it’s the same issues we’re seeing literally every week now. This is a pattern, and not something that can be seen as a blip.

Lexus – Slick Performance that was once Wenger and Arsenal


For his sake, he should really resign, and the club should honour him for his service.

Why not name a local street after him? Sp*rs’ stadium is next to “Bill Nicholson Way”, of course their best ever manager. Old Trafford adjoins both “Sir Matt Busby Way” and “Sir Alex Ferguson Way”. Why not rename Drayton Park Road “Arsene Wenger Way”? Or rename the East or West stand the Arsene Wenger Stand?


We’ve had two bad defeats, and after only three games. Is this a big melodrama? In my mind, no. It cannot be if we’re seeing the same errors for literally years.

Again, mistakes always happen, it’s normal. But there needs to be a high-level of care and commitment, amidst naturally-occurring mistakes.

Kroenke should know this, as a successful businessman. If he had a Vice-President who made the same continual mistakes, then he would show him or her the door. It’s not on for any top player in any environment. I do not think he sees things the same Vis a Vis us, since we are here for to make his KSE portfolio look good. As a noted global footballing brand, we add considerable value to his conglomerate. He has no incentive to make a change, once we meet his financial targets.

So it’s making mountains over molehills. It’s about a sustained pattern of bad judgments and errors, which surely cannot continue any further.

It’s up to him now

Wenger could prove us wrong. We could finish 2nd, win the FA Cup and Europa League, and I and many others will HAVE to eat our words.

I sincerely hope he does.

However, he needs to do a lot to turn things around to any good level.

At the very least, we’ve not had the “catalyst for change” that we were promised at the end of last season.

I have no agenda against Wenger at all. But then I’ve stated my view on the situation here. Wenger is accountable for team affairs, and there has to be a reason why it’s pretty much the same errors, mishaps, and botches every season.

Economic and sustainable – Not Excellent

He was a Lexus but he is now a Toyota

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One Response to Why Wenger Needs to Go – In the Lexus Relentless Pursuit of Excellence Arsene’s Arsenal are a Toyota

  1. Victor Thompson August 29, 2017 at 11:28 am #

    I like the comparison, but rather than verbally analyse Wenger`s weaknesses to confirm that he is a Toyota, not a Lexus, just look at the photographs. Personally I have always been indifferent to Toyotas because they looked bland and anonymous even though they were well engineered. They were just boring.

    Arsene was like that but he had the appearance of someone who did not give a jot about my opinion ( or anyone else`s. He was content with his lot even when the Toyota began to falter. Now they are certainly not bland or anonymous. They are all bling and fancy swoops and edges, with garish faces as your last photographs show. Meanwhile their flagship Lexus branded cars have changed from being understated yet handsome carriages into pretence Mercedez with angry faces distorted by huge mouths. The search for exclusivity has detoured along the way and the thread has been lost.

    Look at Wenger`s face now. It is a permanent grimace with anguished eyes. The plan has gone awry and he does not know how to recover the blueprint for the “Relentless pursuit of Excellence”. The Board needs to take him to the side and relieve him from the anguish of forgotten dreams which he is incapable of reviving.

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