Through the looking glass at Arsenal A.W (Post Arsene Wenger!)

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Through the looking glass at Arsenal A.W

There is a rumour doing the rounds that things are afoot.

The 3 musketeers are in Dortmund trying to prise Aubameyang away from his current masters and Wenger is nowhere to be seen in this scenario.

One of the theories that has arisen from this, is that they are preparing for the Post Wenger World and buying players that they want for the new manager.

With this in mind and with the potential of Arsene’s tenure being up this summer, I thought I’d ask the Gunners Town crew who they’d like to see at the helm for the new time period, known as

‘Arsenal A.W (After Wenger)’

First to step up to the plate was @JPMc99, with his 2 options:

If I could pick anyone, Diego Simeone. 

1st choice

The argument against the Argentine seems to be he’s not really our type, and yet to me that’s exactly what I think we need. After years of going a bit stale, I think a complete change of style like his would shock us back into life. There’s just no way would we be as poor defensively, while I’m confident he’d make us (and bring people in) who are mentally stronger too – something that has hindered us for too long under the current regime. 

Slightly more realistic may be Maurizio Sarri of Napoli.

Though if they win the title I think we’d probably have to cross him off the list. While he’s perhaps not of the age profile we should be looking at, the brand of football he would bring would at least make us exciting to watch in an attacking sense again. At the time of writing, Napoli have only conceded 13 league goals (we’ve let in well over double that in just three more matches) too as they sit atop Serie A, so he knows how to construct a defence too.


Second cab off the rank was @ArsenalNWales.

I would like to see an ‘Arsenal man’ as our next manager so would go for Patrick Vieira or Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal men

Both are doing their apprenticeships as coaches so I would also bring in someone like Carlo Ancelloti on a short term basis-possibly a couple of years- to help them.

Number 3 @Dfresh10, chipped in with a second vote for Sarri.

2nd vote Sarri

Maurizio Sarri, coach of Napoli. Like with Pep at City, this brand of attacking football and playing out of the back, I feel is the way of the future.

As backups, Dougie also added, Hasenhüttl at Leipzig and Nagelsmann at Hoffenheim. (more on him later)


@mike_mmcdonald popped his head above the parapet, with another shout for Mikel Arteta.

Although Arteta is a risk due to his lack of experience, I feel that there are many upsides.

Fresh, modern ideas directly influenced by Pep.

Great success of young modern coaches seen in almost half of the Bundesliga coaches.

Love for AFC and understanding of the club and many of the players. Certainly not unaware of what ‘needs to be improved’

Energy and dynamism 

Learning from the best

Arleta stated back in 2015 that his main coaching philosophy would be 100% commitment. Arsenal under AW for last 9 years have certainly been an ‘I’ve no idea which team will show up’ kinda team!

I feel Arteta will not stand for inconsistent commitment. 

That alone would turn us into competitors for the league. All pundits and fans often say that “Arsenal can beat anyone on their day”

The days are too far apart.


The boss, @goonerdave66, in his own informed style added his two pence worth.

It’s Joachim Loew for me.

WC winner

The Club, namely Ivan, are gradually outing the structure in place, to enable Arsenal to move away from the old style English Manager/coach set up to a more continental one. With Directors in place for Football, Scouting and Contracts. The future manager will be primarily responsible for coaching, tactics and team selection.

It is in this set up that the observation that Loew has not experienced the day to day running of a football club, becomes less relevant. I want a man who is tactically astute, flexible and has demonstrated that at the highest level which he has. He also has superb management and bring the added advantage of huge respect from and knowledge of some of our senior players and potentially the new head of our youth set up.


@alexburns1088, just simply added

Leonardo Jardim for me.

The vote came in from @Marblehslls_tv and it went to Ancelotti.

Knows the league

He knows the league, respects Wenger and is more tactically astute. Accusations of niceness are moot. Nice is fine provided he can size up opposition and formulate plans. Moruinho is not a bastard to his players neither is Pep.


Me, I’m going left field and my request goes out to….

Only 30

Julian Nagelsmann, the current (30 year old) TSG 1899 Hoffenheim head coach.


In his 2 1/2 years at Hoffenheim, he has saved them from certain relegation and then took them to 4th place in his first full season.

All this has been done on a shoestring budget with young players and with an ethos of high pressing, fast football, with a solid defence.

In his own words, “I like to attack the opponents near their own goal because your own way to the goal is not as long if you get the ball higher up.”

Taking the comments from @goonerdave66 on board, Nagelsmann would come in and not have to worry about the running of the club, contracts etc and could concentrate on what he does best, tactically manage the team.



So from all this it is clear that the preferred replacement is unclear and choice of experience over the unknown is unknown.

What I think stands out is that the new manager needs to concentrate on the team and leave the rest of the club management to specialists in their field.

Please tell us your ideal Post AW Manager in the comments

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2 Responses to Through the looking glass at Arsenal A.W (Post Arsene Wenger!)

  1. Victor Thompson January 28, 2018 at 3:14 pm #

    Steve the most informative ingredient in this article is the article itself which appears to be predicated on the belief that Wenger is leaving. Whether it is by choice or by design, I am glad that he is moving on.

    Dave and you obviously know much more than I do about the crop of new managers so, I dont know what standard Arteteta or Vieira are at to feel comfortable with either of them, though I do think that either could be considered for the job.

    For me this year and next year have been wasted. If Arsene loved the club as much as he professes, think he could have spent his last two years working with Arteta with the intention of grooming him to serve as his replacement. In the absence of such an arrangement, then I think Ancelotti is the best choice as he is available and has suitable experience.


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