Ya, Mesut Ya! Özil signs dat ting. Finally.

Ozil signs

Considering the fact I am the Gunners Town resident Mesut Ozil fanboy, I felt it only right that I said something about the greatest news I’ve heard since I was informed of sliced bread.

The news I speak of is that Mesut Ozil has finally signed a contract extension with Arsenal, reportedly he signs until 2021 for a figure around £350,000 a week. It’s a huge ambitious commitment from both the player and the club to make this happen. Mesut Ozil apparently rejected more lucrative offers from teams like PSG, Juventus and Man United as well as an obviously silly money offer from China.

To commit to Arsenal while players like Alexis Sanchez are going elsewhere, while it seems the done thing to leave your club to whoever offers you the most money, to stay at a club detractors say is in decline…shows nothing but loyalty.

There was a time when offering a player anything over £100,000 at Arsenal would be unthinkable but now they see the need to secure one of the games finest players and reward his loyalty also.


Mesut Ozil Is one assist away from getting 50 assists in the Premier League, also if he makes it in his next game he’d be the fastest to do so also in just 137 games. This is the thing that makes Mesut Ozil an elite player, he’s the only player in history to make over 1000 key passes in the Premier League, his vision and craft at the pass is near unparalleled. In his time in Spain even Lionel Messi couldn’t best him in assists, Messi held every record apart from assists which Ozil held. Mesut Ozil is not just a guy who passes a lot though, his movement on and off the ball in attacking spaces combines elegance and intelligence in beautiful equal measure, a player who retains possession when on the ball and when in full flow seems to be everywhere on the pitch.

What’s next for Ozil could be potentially spectacular with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang all to collaborate with. There are reports of more big spending coming in the summer being one of the reasons for Ozil’s signature, there are also reports German National team coach Joachim Low replacing Arsene Wenger, but they remain to be seen, but one thing is for sure is Arsenal fans get to see their favourite genius for the next 3 years at least…Mesut Ozil.


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One Response to Ya, Mesut Ya! Özil signs dat ting. Finally.

  1. Victor Thompson February 2, 2018 at 9:54 am #

    I am also a Mezut fan. He is unique in the way he controls a ball and sees a pass before it comes to him. he can magic a space between defenders when there was none. I hope that Lacazette can forge a relationship with Aubameyang and benefit from the supply which Ozil, Mikhitaryan and ( not forgetting Jack ) will produce

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