Arsenal 0-3 City – Abysmal Gunners Battered By Rampant Citizens

Arsenal 0-3 City
Carabao Cup Final review

So it’s not been another day of Wembley glory.
City were the better team overall, and we just lacked the capacity to handle their intensity in the second half.

On Sky Sports, Martin Tyler said that “we never got going”, and it was true. We just were not able to raise our game properly, and looked tepid in attack.

The first half was pretty even, although my view is naturally biased. City and us didn’t have many clear opportunities, and both teams looked to put their foot in.

However, bad defending (no surprise…..) cost us, leading to Mustafi backing gently into Aguero. Mustafi complained of a foul, but this didn’t really materialise, and Kun chipped over Ospina.

We had some chances, with Ozil, Wilshere, and PEA having shots, but nothing more than that.
The second half overall was different, with City doing as the lilywhite scummers did at the very same ground. They turned up the intensity, and were able to have numerous chances, two of which they converted.

Kompany poked in from close range, and Silva got in a low drive past Ospina.

City were not at their best, that’s for sure. But we were not good, and really didn’t turn up. I would have enjoyed my day more by spending it on  Thailand’s top gaming site scr888, and I don’t even speak Thai.

Impressions/player ratings

Today was just an example of the issues we’re exhibited for many years now.

We had the formation right. We switched to a back three, and Monreal went off due to an injury as left-wing back.

However, as always, our attitude was limp, lethargic, and tepid.

The first goal was down to bad positioning. Mustafi allowed Kun Aguero too much space, and we were punished for it.

We were bossed around, and just were not as strong mentally or physically.

It was a disappointing performance, and is another instance of how we seriously need to ramp up our mentality. As I believe this was the key here. City were not at their best, but were more than enough to beat us.

The goals weren’t his fault, and some of his kicks were shaky, but overall didn’t do much wrong.

Went off injured early in the game

Was OK overall, but contributed to bad positioning

Was culpable for the first goal, and shows he’s not being well-coached.

Looked reasonably steady, but organisationally was not good, like his fellow defenders.

Defensively he didn’t contribute much, though he didn’t get forward either.

Was able to get physical in the middle, but not contribute much in attack, nor in containing them in the defensive third.

Ditto Xhaka

Didn’t get on the ball enough, nor create much

Looked to get forward, but ultimately came up short

Had a chance early on, but didn’t receive much service.

Looked to get forward but was ineffectual

Didn’t have time to affect much.

Didn’t have much time to affect the game

The formation was right, as was his approach. However, the team lacked the fight, drive, and stamina to handle City in the second half.

I see us like how Liverpool was towards the end of Benitez, for large parts under Dalglish and Rodgers. We have some very good players, just as they did at that time, but were not well-coached.
We just need to accept that we’re not a force anymore.

Yes, we have a lot of plusses. A big and still well-equipped stadium, a global brand and fanbase, the sixth-highest turnover in the world, world-class training facilities, and top players.

But despite the “catalyst for change” and the appointments of Mislintat and Sanhelli, we’re lacking fight, drive, and the proper coaching and defensive structure. Our overall structure is very poor.

We can get “vengeance” at home to them in the league, but then we’re in a state on the pitch, and don’t warrant being considered on City’s level.
The positives are that there is the Europa League to focus on, but then we need to up it very greatly if we’re to win that.

We were second best today, but then we have a lot of introspection to do as a football club.*

Man of the match
For the game overall, I’d say Kompany.

But for us, Ospina was the best of a bad bunch. Gary Neville said that he would have “made him nervous”. However, I didn’t think he did that badly, and none of the goals were his fault.

*This review is negative, but it’s an honest reflection as always. I guess I see Arsenal as a large house with many great fittings, but with a critically inept housekeeper. If we changed the housekeeper, then the full value of the house and the fittings can be utilised.

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  1. paul kapula February 26, 2018 at 9:10 am #

    I think to be honest lets change the manager for at least the people can stop suffering from heart Attacks Arsenal board should listen the manager is done AW. nothing will come out of him he is done …. What are you waiting for ….

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