Arsenal v PSG – Positives, Needs and Hopes after yesterday’s match

Arsenal vs PSG…. Positives, Needs and Hopes

Ozil opener

Firstly, maybe my TV has a pigment issue but it looked like light green vs very light green.
I think I need a new TV but either way I was surprised that the ref let them do this.

Formation 4-3-2-1 is what it looked like. Iwobi on left wing and Ozil behind Auba. Mkhi looked like he was deeper, in a midfield 3.

5-3-1-1 defensively


* Biggest difference from Wenger era was how we created many chances from proactive movement. They seem to have been working on moving, as the ball is moving. Very impressive!

* Another difference from Wenger era was what seemed like the intentional act to cede possession and counter attack.
Do not think this is going to be a regular tactic, more an intelligent coaching decision to practice how you will have to play on occasion.

* Also noticed how we drop the near side wide forward to make a very compact back five. No gaps in that unit I tell you!

* Like I said in previous blog, we seem to be starting games with quicker ball movement and intensity.
Much needed.
The second half was slower paced again but perhaps that’s ‘conditions based?’

* considering we have a tough PL start this was a great warm up. Both teams played with high quality, which is a particular credit to PSG who only started with two first choice players… Buffon and Rabiot.

* Our defending was tested throughout. I do not remember any mistakes from anyone, including keepers, except Kolasinac on the penalty. Much, much better!

* We again played out of the back.
It is scary but they did it very well.
To me, it is worth it if the amount of times you beat the press far outweighs the times you give up possession

Perhaps not just a squaddie

* It does not look like Guendouzi is satisfied with being a squad player.
If he were a £30 million signing, I would say we need to look to boost his wages soon before someone else offers to.
In a team of first team regulars, he was the best out there. Second game running too.
If you have not seen him play yet he makes himself available much as Elneny does but is far more ambitious with his passing and has better vision and one-touch options. The bold hairstyle does not hurt when you are trying to stand out too!

* The ball rarely went right when attacking. Perhaps this is why Mkhi looked quiet.

* FYI… if we ever want a Xhaka upgrade, Adrien Rabiot.
Stronger, mobile, accelerates and I doubt he was personally responsible for at least five goals last season.

* Ozil was good. Especially his positioning on transition and his vision. Nothing new here then but impressive for game one.

* Elneny compliments Guendouzi well. Always a place for a reliable, continuity player who plays simple. When his partner is more ambitious it works well.

* Buffon does not play for us but who doesn’t like that guy. So friendly and likeable. To be fair, he denied Mkhi, Iwobi and Auba on three very good first half chances.

* Apparently we are interested in Stanley Nsoki … Big strong unit right there!
Looks technically good Left back but tactically not so strong. Young player though so…

* Leno had very good hands. Glad he was tested today. A good thing.

* Emile Smith Rowe… natural footballer
Reminds me of Kevin De Bruyne


* second effort from midfielders when beaten

* open hips when receiving in the box

* shot the ball at the keeper on all four very good chances

* to not get injured 😉 this is looking good!

Trust the youngsters


* trust the young players over signing additional players. Did I say that 😳? Do I mean it?
Sort of.
I’d still go for a winger and possibly a monster centre back but I wouldn’t take away from ESR, Nelson, Nkeitah, AMN and certainly Guendouzi’s opportunities.
Nzonzi over Xhaka for me
Dembele over Welbeck
Nketiah over Perez

Not Nzonzi over Guendouzi, Dembele over Nelson etc…

A very impressive new Arsenal!

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2 Responses to Arsenal v PSG – Positives, Needs and Hopes after yesterday’s match

  1. Begeegs July 29, 2018 at 12:25 pm #

    Good blog. I would also be reliant upon the youth. It’s a gamble worth taking from a long term perspective. I would sell Welbeck and Perez, and possibly Ramsey if he is no closer to a new deal. Obviously, he would need to be replaced.

    I think that we will do better than expected this year.

  2. Block 114 Upper July 30, 2018 at 1:09 pm #

    Hi I have found your blog today. I found it very informative. Looking forward to the new season for a change. Paid my half of the season ticket and don’t feel mugged off. Early business in the transfer market very decisive and they addressed obvious areas. I have book marked the site I will check it regularly. This site is not as cliquey as other. Its going to be a roller coaster season. I hope I can contain my self when the dips occur and put them into perspective. Uni needs 2 solid years of support before we turn on him in my humble opinion also if he has an exceptional season the board needs to have a succession plan in place because his track record is not one loyalty. But to be honest does that exist in modern football any more.

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