An actual pre-NLD Arsenal Spurs Combined XI (that isn’t clickbait!)



A combined XI from Danny Mills had a rather…interesting response.

Most, as can be seen, were Spurs players, and even overhyped ones like Harry Winks.

Pepe is class but cannot feature over more experienced and PL-proven players like Auba and Laca.
And Lloris IMHO has, of course, won the WC and was France’s captain no less. But his form has been poor lately, and Leno is underrated outside Arsenal.



Our keeper is better than theirs.

Yes, it was clickbait to trigger Gooners. It’s a testament that our fanbase is far larger than theirs, that they can choose our fanbase for triggering and as a continual source of Adsense revenue. I’m not falling for the bait here – if anything it’s funny the lengths they will go to ensure hits and revenue targets.

I also wouldn’t include Ceballos, since let’s be frank here – he’s only had one good game vs. Burnley. At Anfield, he was anonymous.

But then this is my revised edition, utilising both fully-fit players and those who may feature on the day:


Bellerin Sokratis Verthonghen Tierney

Torreira Ndombele Sissoko

Son Kane Auba

So Arsenal has 6, and they have five.

I believe this is fair if based on form.

Certain players must pick themselves here – Auba and Kane for instance.
Son’s form over the past year has been stellar.

aubameyang arsenal spurs

Kane is world-class, but Aubameyang matches and nay exceeds his level.

And Torreira is more PL-proven than Ndombele, even though the latter is a good signing for them. Sissoko too has improved since he joined from Newcastle in 2016, and surely Tierney in full flow will be better than Rose (who is no slouch but not the player he was four or five years ago).

With players “on the day” as it were:


Walker-Peters Sokratis Vertonghen Rose

Torreira Ndombele Sissoko

Son Kane Auba

Walker-Peters has promise, as does Maitland-Niles in fairness. but Walker-Peters is a natural full-back, akin to the player and near-namesake that he replaced, Kyle Walker. Imagine if we had a centre-back called Laurent-Phillipe Koscielny or a forward called Danny Welbeck-Frimpong, who had been promoted to the senior side following Kos and Welbz’s departures…

This side is more weighted in Spurs’ favour, though it shows there is not much in it between us. Comparing the spines of both sides and the overall squads, there isn’t much in it. We’re matching their midfield mobility know, and the attack forces are both top quality. They have a more organised defence, but Luiz brings in more experience and that of winning trophies which Spurs certainly don’t have of late.

Lacazette is hard to exclude, but then Son, Kane and Auba bring a better overall balance. And I like Son a lot – he has certainly rising to world-class status over the past year, and in large part has silenced the “Spurs will be trash once Kane is injured” myth. And it is a myth, since they generally cope well without him.

Whatever happens on Sunday, it will be another tussle between us and them for top four I feel, and hopefully, there aren’t only the two league games between us. They are a good side with many good players, so I won’t lie and state it will be easy.

It’s about time though we played them in a major final – and it would give Mr Poch an extra incentive to win a trophy by beating his side’s nemesis.

I’d love it to be an FA Cup Final in truth – largely since decades ago it used to be “their” trophy (hence Chaz and Dave’s fame…) and now we hold far more records and history in it than they do. Well, far more than anybody else by definition….

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One Response to An actual pre-NLD Arsenal Spurs Combined XI (that isn’t clickbait!)

  1. Mark August 29, 2019 at 4:59 pm #

    Based on form! What? Torreira and Sissoko are garbage. Tierney has never played in the PL and is injured so I’m not sure where his form comes from. Danny Mills is an idiot and his selection is ridiculous yours makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and is actually a bang average team, but maybe that just shows where Arsenal and Tottenham are at the moment

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