“The Invincibles is a Myth” – Leaked Talksh!te Transcript

Leaked Talksh!te Transcript 

My inside source at Talksh!te sent me this the other day. He was recording everyone’s favourite idiot – Adrian Durham’s – ‘live’ phone in, when someone rang in to talk about Liverpool’s defeat to Watford and the end of their unbeaten run.

Caller: So Adrian, is it time to accept that The Invincibles season was actually a massive achievement and that Wenger’s 03/04 team were one of the best ever?

Durham: No, No and No.

IMG 1798

True colours?

Caller: Seriously Adrian, when the best team in the last ten seasons, who you’ve lauded constantly, can’t go a whole season undefeated. It’s time to eat humble pie and admit Wenger knew what he was doing and brought English football to where it is now.

Durham: No.

Caller: Really, that’s your reply?

Durham: Yes, Wenger did nothing. You do the maths. England hit glorious heights in ’96, then nothing in 22 years with Wenger in the vicinity. Arsene Wenger decides to disappear from English football and what do you know? All of a sudden, England hit the glorious heights again. Wenger did nothing for England.

Caller: Jesus Christ, what twisted logic is that?! He changed the face of English football and is the only Invincible manager in modern history.

IMG 1796

A meeting of Premier League Invincible Managers

Durham: Invincibles !!!! Bollox!!! The Invincibles were a myth!

Caller: What the fcuk are you on about.

Durham: They lost Champions League group stage games to Inter and Kyiv. They lost home and away to Middlesbrough in the semi-finals of the League Cup – they fielded a decent side as well. They lost to Man United in the FA Cup. Not exactly Invincible, were they then?

Caller: Didn’t Liverpool just lose to….

Durham: Wenger was obsessed with going unbeaten. So obsessed he didn’t even try to win games as the season came to an end. He was happy to draw. Four draws out the last six – including home to Birmingham! Anyone saying the so-called Invincibles are the best ever has lost their mind completely.

IMG 1797

The Invincibles were a myth

Caller: OMG, Durham, you’re a deluded muppet, jog on.

IMG 1799

Obviously this wasn’t broadcast.

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4 Responses to “The Invincibles is a Myth” – Leaked Talksh!te Transcript

  1. carl shadbolt March 4, 2020 at 9:52 am #

    Talk shit radio Durham is a deluded fool anti arsenal of the highest order… Wenger changed football in England by bringing in the new diet prolonging players playing years. He proved that bog money buys doesnt win you things he showed that to win you have to be a team…. Anyone to say Wenger’s invincibles 04 were just drawers is deluded !! those last 6 games on that season were the hardest any club could ever play regardless to the teams we were playing against. why ?? simply because of the added pressure by the press outlets pundits etc etc. To actually not lose one of them games shows something remarkable about the Invincibles 04 and that was they never gave up they wanted to go unbeaten and because they were so far infront of the rest coming into the last 6 games they could afford to draw 4 of them….but to actually say the Invincibles is a myth … what a prat.. The fact they went unbeaten and won the league shows they were the real Invincibles and when he says Wenger was only focused on going unbeaten what ridiculous words came out of that big fat mouth…. i remember that year clearly and every interview Wenger was asked about going unbeaten and everytime wenger just said lets see it may happen it may not.. he also went onto say winning the league is more important. so Durham is talking shit in every way possible !!! reason why i will never listen to talk radio football talks… because they have idiots like him on there

  2. Yilch March 10, 2020 at 10:34 pm #

    Arsenal 03/04 were invincible in the league, fact! Undeniable. They weren’t invincible across all competitions, undeniable fact!
    Arsenal 03/04 were among the best ever, undeniably so too. Were they the best, I’m not so sure, we’ve had other great EPL teams, man utd 98/99 treble winners. Mourinhos Chelsea 04/05. Giardiola’s 17/18 man city team and obviously Klopps 19/20 Liverpool.
    Wenger brought English football to where it is now??? Hahahaha, what’s the caller smoking? Wenger-tine?

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